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Overwatch Backlogged Edition - Looking at August

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Friday Night Mayhem: 'In house' at ADK

Each Friday night we play Overwatch, and August was a fun month. We got to find out about Sigma, who is now being run often as a double shield with Rein or Orisa. This month two teams we were rooting for didn't make it to the Overwatch League playoffs, mine being Dynasty. Atlanta Reign picked it up, and we loved watching them play. We didn't do any betting on the Grand Finals in September, but we made our guesses.

About the Clips

The first clip is Food getting a perfect grav. Later on Food is the one who finds out how nasty TP play is. We started TPing on to points regularly in September. @nickphan and I have been practicing our Orisa Hog pulls, and it definitely paid off with that pull into the well. I was pretty proud of my firestrike that killed that Mercy. Sure, the monkey would have got her, but I got her first 0_0. The next clip is of a solid shatter that helped us get a Team Kill. The next clip is my favorite of August, the enemy team completely thought the point was theirs until Food ulted. The backstory on the last clip is that the enemy team never took the first point, they didn't know what to about @CardinalFunky.

Thats it for the month of August, I will be doing catch up on Septemeber, October and November. glhf!



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