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Overwatch Fun at ADK for June of 2019

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Friday Night Mayhem: 'In house' at ADK

We had a great time this month. We won a lot of games and found some new enemies in Quickplay. Towards the end of the month, we got a small group who were around the same SR playing some competitive. Join us on Discord and help us pwn some noobs.


About the Clips

Whenever we start our event we usually have our ADK members kind of trickle in within the first 15 mins or so, so we play some Arcade until everyone gets there. Sometimes we have too many people to play Quickplay so we play Arcade. The first clip is of us goofing off playing some Arcade with McCrees. Next, we really came together to beat this Doomfist. In the clip, he handles us easily and solo ults Owl, but we did come together and finally won the map. But dang, that was not easy. I am pretty proud of the next clip where I managed to stun the entire team, and then stun another team with a solid charge on a Winston ult. Then we go to another Arcade event where I shoot aimlessly trying to lead the target and manage to Battle Mercy some kills. The next Arcade match was a progression format where you change hero on each kill, and Ian did destroy everyone that round. The next Arcade match was hide and seek, and you can see Naru trying to hide behind a car unsuccessfully XD. Then the next Arcade had no cooldowns where Bouncy used the lack of gravity to do some damage and where Naru abused Zarya’s bubble completely. Sirene then gets some quick kills and you can see how quickly the hero changes are in that game mode. I then get a fairly good DVA ult on the enemy team and we move in to cap the point in Quickplay.

That’s it! You should definitely join us on Discord every Friday night at 6 PM Pacific Time, 8 PM Central and 9 PM East. GLHF!


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