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Players who are not members

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Some of you who read or hang out here are not members...  That's perfectly fine, we're cool with that in our section, but there are certain advantages of being a member that accrue not only here on the boards but also on Discord (like if you want to posts screenshots, etc).  While not everyone goes in for contests and prize stuff, there is is that too...  and it is a great place to find other games to play in groups many with their own dedicated channels on Discord. 


Not saying you have to be a member, but if you do WANT to be one, you can always see the link : https://www.adkgamers.com/adk-recruitment.html/

That is your starting point, following those steps indicates at least the minimum level of commitment the community expects. 

If you have a question about something in that post, PM me or Gary23 on Discord if you don't see us.   ~Dim 

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You just made this post in order to say that you are helping the community to gather new members?

Sir, i joined the adk community after two years, just today, just to post tarkov pictures in the tarkov channel, a barrier that has been with me since ive been here. dont use my life for your bragging in here, i know who you are. 

I have the commitment with tarkov even you guys dont know the truth of my gamestyle, the things i say,  to my personal life extent doing the tasks i do for them , for tarkov.
I dont want to play other games you guys very nicely offer on this:

 very unique and very friendly and helping community, full of content, full of active players in the sections, different types of playstyles, quality of old people that help with info on games/tech/life/sex/etc im here because tarkov is life. Adk is the main one stop for gamers who are looking for more people alike to play games with and make a community full of content. Tired of playing alone? join ADK


But yeah thanks for the invite, @Dimwit, playing with guys my age like you & and other stuff we have talked, made me join.

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