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Hey everyone,

I have been playing WoW for about 13 years.  I have raided all of BC content through current.  This expansion I have finally decided to switch mains from Paladin (Prot/Ret) to Mage, hence the name.  I'm also a Mel Brooks fan. :)  I've recently apped with the wow leadership and I've been trialing for the past couple of weeks.  Great group of folks.  I look forward to many raid and PVP encounters with them all. 

IRL, I'm an IT Manager for a medium sized business.  I have 2 kids, one a senior in college and the other a sophomore in high school.  I live in NC but originally I'm from NY.  I don't miss NY one bit.

Since this is the Memorial Day holiday in the US, I hope everyone in the US reading this has a fantastic extended weekend.  Everyone else, I hope you have a good weekend (albeit shorter) as well! :)


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