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More ARK Color events!

May 14th ADK Active Event!  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Which event would you like added next week?

    • Easter - Green, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue.
    • Arkaeology - White, Yellow, Grey, and Black
    • Extinction Cronicles - Tons of combos, not sure what will happen (see post)
    • Winter Wonderland -  Red White Green
    • Valentines - Red, Pink, and White

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Well its become apparent that our cluster is a bunch of crazy hoarders. I'm ok with this... in fact, I would like to enable this more... 


We want to put the in game events on our server MORE!  How this is going to work. We are going to put a new event on our servers every two weeks, and its going to last a week. We are going to try and have the players VOTE for which event they want on the servers for that given week.

So Week one we are going to vote, the following tuesday I will put that event on the server (Active wednesday morning restart). It will stay on the server till the following tuesday when I turn it off (again will disappear wednesday morning restart), at that time i will also put up a vote for the next week, players will vote and we start all over again.


Easter - Green, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue.

Arkaeology - White, Yellow, Grey, and Black

Extinction Cronicles -  1. Purple, Black, Grey, Dark Blue 2. Red, Black, White, Grey 3. Green Black 4. Black, Red, Green, Purple, White

  • Really not sure how this event will react when added... which set of colors or if all are added... this was a week to week event but only one event code for adding to server so we will see? 

Winter Wonderland -  Red White Green (It doesn't list the colors in the wiki but I'm pretty sure it was just red white and green).

Valentines - Red, Pink, and White


Unfortunately at this time Halloween is not possible. Last year is when wildcard started re-coding the events to be launch-able by server owners. Due to extinction release in 2018 they decided to skip the Halloween event and thus did not release a coded version for server owners to add. 



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