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WoW Transmog Competition!

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ADK January Transmog Competition


Hey fellow World of Warcraft gamers! Are you ready for something new to bring in the new year? Do you want to win some sweet prizes? How would you like to flex in your sexiest transmog and bask in the admiration of your guildies?


Join us for our first transmog competition! We know you love to get your transmog looking just right, We will be conducting our judging on Sunday, January 27th at 6pm server time. We will have prizes for first, second, and third place in the competition provided by our ADK WoW officers.

Coincidentally, we are also hosting guild transmog runs on Sunday Jan. 6th, and Sunday Jan. 20th, and would welcome any and all ADK members who would like to get some gear appearances that would help them compete!


First Place Prize: Sand Scarab (rare battle pet!)

Second Place Prize: Plundered Pirate Admiral's Bicorne (cosmetic pirate hat to transmog!)

Third Place Prize: 1000g + mystery gift!


Transmog outfits will be judged on cohesiveness, originality, theme, and rarity based on the points scale below.




Cohesiveness: How well do the different parts of your outfit match each other?

Originality: Is your outfit unique or creative?

Theme: Does your outfit have an overall idea behind it? Does it go with a specific toy, mount, or title?

Rarity: Do you have rare or hard-to-get items in your transmog?


Thanks for reading and hope to see everyone at our first competition! Happy mogging!




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