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Dino Storage Update and Move!

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Everyone's favorite mod, Dino Storage, has received a complete overhaul! 



The overhaul has brought many new features, including ones that have been long awaited!

  • The Soul Trappers now retain costumes and saddle colors along with its stats and quality!
  • They are able to hold babies, featuring accurate maturity percentage and cuddle timers!
  • Mating timers are now displayed on the trapper inside of an inventory as well as where they usually are at the bottom, coming with a new format of DD:HH:MM:SS that counts down and will update every few seconds!
  • Flyer and water dino pictures at the top left have been updated to a water drop and a phoenix! A pacifier was also added at the top right corner to indicate if the dino is a baby.
  • Instead of the usual soul trapper icon in the inventory, trappers now display the icon of the dino trapped inside!
  • If a dino does not have certain characteristics such as mutations, tribe ranks, crafting skill, or imprint, it will not show on the trapper.
  • The trappers now function like weapons, holding them in your hand to use against a dinosaur and throwing them to release like a cryopod! This means that you will have to equip them before being able to throw them.
  • Soul terminals have gotten a UI update! 
  • Whenever you're searching for anything related to the mod, you can now search "DS" as it is included in every name.
  • There is also no longer a limit on how many trappers you may carry or store in one storage compartment at a time!


The new mod can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1609138312

It is very important that you replace your SOUL TRAPPERS and SOUL TERMINALS! 


We are adding this mod on today and will keep the original mod on until January 15th so that players can move their souls from the old mod to the new! Afterwards we will be taking the original mod off forever!

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