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Extinction Dinosaurs and MORE on the ADK Store!

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Hey there Survivors! 

Happy to announce the addition of Extinction Dinosaurs to our ADK Donor store. 

Added to Small Dinosaur: $10

  • Scout


Added to Medium Dinosaur: $25

  • Gasbags
  • Gacha
  • Snow Owl
  • Velonasaur

Image result for Gacha ARK

Added to Large Dinosaur: $35

  • Managarmr
  • Enforcer
  • Mek


Adding a NEW category of Dinosaur - Extra Large - $50

  • Rock Drake
  • Wyvern
  • Titanosaur
  • Reaper
  • OR Titan (In order to choose the Titan Players must first kill the Titan they are trying to purchase) TITANS WILL ONLY LAST 24 HOURS

Image result for rock drake ark


We have also made some changes to how the purchasing of TEK Tier related items works. For players who are wishing to purchase ELEMENT or the TEK RESOURCE KIT you must first have completed any boss on the hive. 


Lastly, our requirements to be able to purchase the TEK gear have changed! Below is the updated list of requirements.

600 Armor Value Set: Gamma TEK Cave completion OR Kill all Titans on Extinction - $30

1200 Armor Value Set: Beta TEK Cave completion OR Beta King Titan Kill - $40

2000 Armor Value Set: Alpha TEK Cave completion OR Alpha King Titan Kill- $50

In order to purchase these sets you must first order the $0 TEK gear order in the store, and speak with an ARK Staff in discord. 


Please take a look at our store for more information on these purchases! https://www.adkgamers.com/store/category/28-ark-survival-donor-packs/

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