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I'm Back!

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Hey everyone. I used to be a member here, back in like 2010, but I stopped coming by when I stopped playing TF2. 

But now I'm back, but I can't remember my account info.

So I just made a new account.

My username was probably one of the following:


Der Immerschlafrig Feuermensch

The Sleepy Pyro

I know someone made a free banner for me, and I used one of the last two for that.


Sorry if I can't be more specific, but I would love to get back in and have some people to play Overwatch with.

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Hello Lt_Serj_Boss_McBehrer  was your old name I remember playing a bit of TF2 with you Nova, Homeboy and a few others WAY back when. I didn't play much and wasn't even a member quite yet. Welcome back :). We do have a people that play overwatch including me (poorly but I try lol) we really get together Friday nights but would like to get more going more often. Currently Pinkdood and Titan are our staff for that section.

If you want to talk to more people we mainly join up on discord these days: https://discord.gg/9Tbq92

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