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Dino Storage Update 11/28/2018

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Update: Nov 28 @ 9:58am
● Dino Souls will now display wild level, and tamed base level in the item description. Sample pic: https://gyazo.com/7725c1b88a58020306834093f8ff4c30
● Dino Souls will now display crafting skill stats if the dino uses it (Gacha’s).
*Description additions applied on retrap. Do so leisurely. No visual icon change.
● Stored dinos now gain the dino's natural passive experience gain. Effects are immediate so if you trapped a dino yesterday, you will gain experience from yesterdays time to the time of release. Due to server time differences, the passive experience will only be applied when trapped and released on the same server.
● Added INI config RemovePassiveExp, and it is false by default. This will remove passive experience gains.
● Added INI config PassiveExpMultiplier, and it accepts decimal values and is 1.0 by default.
● Fixed a bug where dinos pooped themselves on arrival.
● Fixed a bug where Desert Titans were having their health be modified on arrival.
● Fixed a bug where Dino Souls would not be dropped when over the limit because it was trying to do it too fast.
● Fixed a UI bug where the mouse would jump to the center of the screen when closing my custom UI's. Mouse will now retain it's position as you navigate through the menus.
● Added visual effects for dino arrivals. Just something I made quickly for now.
● Performance gains by limiting recovery to 1200 of the most recent trapping by default and will trim on first server start after the update. Please use the RecoveryFileLimit ini option to increase or decrease this number, but increasing it will make it harder to read from/write to and effect performance. The ini is clamped to 1800 max due to a large number of reports of lag and it's because they had a bloated recovery file which was not managed well, so this will fix that. This change will not limit how many dinos can be balled, but limit how many entries get stored in the DinoSouls.sav for recovery purposes.

● Removing or using a Soul Recovery entry now creates a log entry in your ServerGame.Log file. Server needs to be started with command line flag -servergamelog for this to work. Logs are generally stored in ShooterGame/Saved/Logs.
● Rephrased "Verify installed mods for modded dinos!" to something along the lines of "Verify installed mods, server settings, and kill zones" as it's a physical spawn validation check used to protect you from losing the Dino Soul in the instance that a dino was not physically able to exist. Whether or not it's from being unable to read the file (mod not installed), said dino is over X level limit (WC ini option), or it just decided to poof for any reason... That's when you get this message and it fail safes to not consume the Dino Soul.
● Renamed Soul Trapper engram from “EngramEntry_DinoSoul” to “EngramEntry_SoulTrapper” to better reflect it’s reference. You may need to relearn the engram and recraft them. Don't worry, this only effects the Soul Trapper item (cheap to make), and not the Dino Soul item (holds your dino).

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