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Some settings tweaks and a server box restart.

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Changes being made: 

Allowing turrets on platform saddles is now turned off - This was this way on the hive and I'm not entirely sure why I turned it on, but the drop difficulty is perfect without them.

Base Decay:

Somehow these settings got a little fudged when I was trying to do something new. Hopefully this will be the way we want it.  (I am taking the map save from this shut down and making a copy just incase something terrible happens.) This is how base decay SHOULD work:

Bases will decay as they normally have on the hive, 31 days for metal, 21ish for stone etc. After this time period they become demolishable like normal. 

After that time period passes again the bases will auto demolish, for example, a metal structure will be able to be destroyed after 31 days, 31 days after that it will demolish on its own. The point of this is too keep the servers clean, and with structures like thatch starter huts it should help a lot. 

ON TOP OF THIS we are enabling the destruction of pillar and foundation spam as this is against the rules. Any of these structures will auto demolish very fast.P

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