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[Let's Get This Game Going] for (Warframe)

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Name: Flyinsolo7
Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request


Name of the Game: Warframe
Describe this game:

Warframe is a Free-To-Play third person action/shooter game set in a Sci-Fi universe. Basically you play as a Tenno, a warrior who utilizes a suit of armor called a "Warframe." This armor gives you the ability to weild powerful blades, guns and other weapons. It also allows you to jump around and parkour like some kind of space ninja. It's fairly similar to the Destiny games but in my opinion it is much better. Gameplay is fairly repetitive like Destiny but with a bit more spice. There is A LOT of grinding involved. In fact most of the game is just grinding so you can get a better weapon or warframe so you can grind for more better weapons and warframes. But make no mistake this game is very enjoyable with a group of friends.

Research: I have played warframe on and off for 3 years, the game's community is still going strong and there is still so much new content being released
What are you planning on doing or committing to help this game get into the Community?: I plan to commit my time into playing the game and recruiting for the Clan we'd have. that's pretty much all I can give.
Final Thoughts: I have talked with other members of ADK and I have heard multiple times "I'd play Warframe if I just had people to play with" and I would like to provide that for them.
Post Relavent Videos:



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I will play it too but I would like if we could start a ADK clan from scratch to let players get into helping make a clan base. Ive always wanted to do that short of getting a hand me down one where we are just hunting for colors and rooms that have no more use for old content.


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I have been currently reaching out to other ADK members that I know play or have played the game (There are a few more I am going to contact from a previous LGTGG for warframe back in 2016 that I have not got to yet). I'm currently waiting on some to reply back and others want to see how big it may get before leaving other clans they are already with. Those waiting are due to the fact they have put in resources into other clans to research tech this does not follow you when you join another clan. I have currently only been jumping around ADK and other personal friends just to start to see where this will all go before looking for other members through the game or other sites. I did this because although Warframe can have huge clans, all running groups are only 4 player groups unless you are doing the Trials that "were" up to 8 players. I said "were" because trials has been put to rest as of February of this year BUT the developers do want to work on another larger group "thing" again in the future.

Another topic is that to make this an official ADK Clan within Warframe and have its very own section in the forums/discord, we need to have a clan dojo with the ADK name and in the hands of the appointed manager of the game. This is because it is not the manager’s clan but ADK's clan. If appointed manager cannot or has not filled the duties of the manager of this game, that manager must hand it to the next appointed manager that is an ADK member to keep it as alive as they can. With this I know that flyinsolo7 has stated he is willing to change his clan name to ADK which will cost 200 platinum to change. He will then have to hand ownership to the appointed manager of Warframe. The other option is to create a new clan for under the member that is that manager for Warframe.

With the already made clan we can split the cost of the platinum to change the name, and now depending on what you see as a pro/con, some clan research and rooms have already been done by flyinsolo7.

Pro/Con of a new clan is that, depending on what you see as a pro/con, we can work as a group with all new clan research and design of the clan dojo.

The research, old friends in clans prior, and who has ownership of the clan dojo is why some are hesitant to join ADK in Warframe based on the people I have talked to, but mainly of resources already used in research of clan tech. I do know of a few I have talk to that, like I have said, will join up depending on the development of an ADK clan. Some are in small clans that are just with a few friends that are not well developed yet and others that have no problem joining up to help out knowing that the grind can be fun since they are in maxed out clans and have what they want already but willing the help ADK out.

Now we just need to make a choice and start moving forward by recruiting, researching, helping one another, and having some space ninja fun!!

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Hello, I'm currently in the guild. Glad to be a part of a growing community. It's been a while since I've played, I'm MR 15 currently. I enjoy helping new players and have quite a bit of knowledge of great builds, weapons, etc. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'll be helping donate to researching things in the Dojo whenever I can.


I also have duplicates of the core mods needed to help new players get started (Flow, Serration, etc). Just toss me a message in-game.

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