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Server Titan Rules! MUST READ!!!!

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First and Foremost, we are not making these rules to try and ruin anyone's experiences with the titans, but to make sure that everything is fair for players putting in the work, and to prevent players from interfering with groups fighting the titans.

1. TITAN DISPLAY: We will not be interfering in the one of each titan rule at this time. Players who tame a specific titan may keep them on display at their base. As of right now these titans last a day, and with the cool down of spawns supposedly 6 hours, we don't find it feasible for players to really have an opportunity to tame the same titan in that time frame anyways. (Be careful if you try to spawn the titan it will eat your tribute when the titan is blocked.) Should WC ever allow us to unlock this limitation, display rules for the titan will be reviewed. Should the duration of the titan be changed to permanent, display rules will also have to be reviewed at that time.

We are going to be setting some pretty strict rules regarding the combat and area of the titan fights:

2. SPECTATOR PROXIMITY: Players who are wishing to watch the fight MUST NOT be close to the fight its self if the intention is to kill the titan. Players who end up in the arena when the titan dies will end up with engrams that they didn't earn unlocked, this is not okay. If you wish to watch you MUST remain near max render for the entirety of the fight.

3. DO NOT TOUCH OR INTERFERE WITH A TITAN FIGHT IN PROGRESS: Anyone who has been found to have hit or interfered in any way with players attempting to tame or kill a titan will receive a 24 hour ban from the servers. The process of taming a titan is very complicated, the more damage done to the titan throughout the fight the lower the effectiveness of the tame essentially, and hitting a titan you did not spawn will not be tolerated. Players who are not DIRECTLY invited to fight the titan by the spawning tribe PRIOR to its spawning are not permitted to engage in the fight.

4. NO FREELOADING: Players are allowed to invite players from other tribes to participate in a Titan fight with them, but FREELOADING engrams will NOT be permitted in any case, even if it is a tribe member. This means that ANYONE that receives the engrams must have been actively participating in the fight for the majority of its duration (Not just the last 10-25% of its health) This will be considered free loading, even if invited to do so.

5. BREAK RULES = CHARACTER WIPE: Any players found to have wrongfully unlocked the engrams will be forced to start a new character at level 1. We will give you all of your items back, and put you back in your tribe, but you will lose your engrams because you DID NOT EARN THEM. Even if you have killed a titan, and wrongfully unlocked on a different one, you will be forced to reset your engrams, this is how serious we are about this rule. 


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