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Getting Rare Rewards from Island Expeditions

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So everyone knows that there’s a weekly chance to do a certain number of Island Expeditions every week to get a bonus AP reward for your neck, right? And most people also know that you have a slight chance at the end of each expedition to receive cool rare loot like transmog items, battle pets, or even a cool mount like this guy: https://www.wowhead.com/item=163586/squawks#screenshots


But what most people don’t know is that getting these rare items to drop is not as random as you might think! It turns out that killing certain rare named mobs gives the chance to drop items that are related to that mob. For instance, to get a chance for Squawks, the mount linked above, you would kill rare pirate mobs. Doing the invasion events that sometimes occur can also give chances for rare items.


Counterintuitively, some of the best ways to quickly win an Island Expedition, like looting random chests and killing the big azerite elemental, don’t contribute anything to your chances of getting rare loot. Ironically, losing an Island Expedition is thought not to affect your chances of getting loot either. So someone who wanted to focus on rare drops might ignore chests and the azerite elemental, even if it meant losing the expedition.  


Of course, it’s up to the player whether doing the expeditions less efficiently is worth the chance for some unique loot. Anecdotally, I received a rare transmog axe from an expedition and sold it for 90k. If you’re interested in reading more, definitely check out this guide:


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