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Countdown to Extinction - Teasers and other info

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Hello, ARK players!

As we begin to wrap up our Halloween Event here on ADK, our players are getting ready for the next major expansion map, Extinction!

Release Date: November 6th



There have been tons of teasers and content being posted by ARK's Official Twitter and Website, including new creatures, parts of the Element-infested world, and more!



Teasers are also being shared by our players in the #ark text channel on a regular basis, so here are some of the ones we have so far

- Different variants of Titans - Desert, Forest, Frost, Sky, and TEK

- Corrupted Rock Drake



- New Creatures - Velonasaur, Gacha, and Gasbag



Twitch-Con 2018 introduced some gameplay for the new expansion (and I'm very triggered I didn't go), where supposedly someone recorded some gameplay on a mobile phone, which introduced a new mechanic - orbital supply drops.

- This image and video also shows confirmed corrupted creatures, such as Corrupted Stegosaurus, Paraceratherium, and Wyvern.



As some of you (or none of you) may already know, you may still request a TEK Rex/Quetzal upon purchasing a Large Dino and a TEK Stego/Parasaur/Raptor upon a Medium Dino purchase in our store. This lasts until Extinction's release.



The ARK staff are very excited to bring this new map as part of our servers, but with that being said, Extinction WILL NOT BE PART OF THE CLUSTER FOR THE FIRST FEW MONTHS!

We will obviously keep the current cluster running. This is just so players can have a new start on a new map. 

Image result for ark extinction

Remember to find those Extinction Explorer Notes and we'll see you on Earth!

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