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Wipe Imminent

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Wipe is announced as incoming soon.  Because the abbreviated 'what's big in this patch' comes with this comment from TheWay, it appears it may be close to the estimated release date around the end of this Month (Halloween-ish). 

The wipe is suggested to be a complete wipe except for weapon mastery skills.  Link below: 




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you need to get you somebody that works along with them : that can get you top secret information before hand and before none, before thousands of players, somebody inside, you know?


- i think in BSG they have a name for that kind of people.... only a few around the world

Ive heard stories about a guy that only plays now to goof time and hang around, but that guy back in the day when tarkov started (update 0.4, 0.5) .... woohhh....jesus... even on russia the high command was very surprised that a meaning force that "POWERFUL in tarkov" grew up by itself in the other end of the world without any traning or any human contact.

He is in the shadows.

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