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ADK Server Changes Effective Next Restart

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1. Lowered the Dino Storage recovery file once more to 2000. There was still a significant pause for balling and releasing dinosaurs. 2000 was the recommended number by the developer so that's where we will leave it. This will be active on All servers next restart.

Just to reiterate this change does not effect balled dinos in any way it will just make dino's that have not been balled in the last 2000 dino soul entries will be unrecoverable should something catastrophic happen. Basically all this means for our players is that once every approximate 2 months any souls that have not been released and reballed in as much time may be close to being unrecoverable. PLEASE do not just untrap and re trap all your dinos, ONLY the most important  say 10 or 15 every 2 months to maintain their entry in the recovery file. (Servers active like rag may be a shorter time period).

2. I have made the decision to increase the EggHatchSpeed variable on the servers. We used to have this variable at 5x and it has been upped to 15x. This will lower the amount of time it takes for eggs to hatch and Dinos to Gestate their babies. Example: Horses that used to take 2 hours 40 mins are now at 50 mins. Most other medium sized dinos will gestate between 15-30 mins and Smaller dinos around 10 mins (Otters were 30)

I have spoken to quite a few of our players over the last weeks and most seem unwilling to breed animals like Daeodons for boss fights to their full potential. As well people are just downright not breeding dinos that require gestation due to the extremely long time it takes for them to be born. This should help with that! Happy breeding!

3. Finally got around to updating the Zelur mod

4. If you haven't heard yet alliances are fixed.  (This is already live)

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21 hours ago, Kathiel said:

x15?!!!! isnt that a lil crazy? lol

Not really when you consider that at x5 a horse and anything larger than a horse gestate for 2 hours and 40 mins or more.

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12 hours ago, Markivo said:

20 mins for a rex egg to incubate; 10 if it's in a hatchery. Hell yeah bois breeding never been so ez

Hatching times dont really matter as much considering the animals still have a breeding cool down.  You have about half the time to wait for things to incubate than before, but you still have to wait for your rexes to be breedable again.


The Whole point of the change was to make breeding gestated animals viable, where before It was really nearly unbearable and a large amount of our players just never bothered due to the hours it took just waiting for them.


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