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Drums of War?! (PvP Interest post)

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Howdy folks!

I've been around for a little while now and those who I've talked to know my bloodthirst when out farming or doing world quests cause I LOVE crushing some skulls in PvP. Also, I want to try and bring something unique to the table as an adviser, so I'm making this post to gauge any interest in PvP among our numbers and offer to assist with anyone wanting to improve/learn. Normally I wouldn't suggest it, but given the upfront rewards for arguably less investment than grinding mythic dungeons, I would actually encourage anyone whom is struggling to replace some slots to give it a shot.

This is the current system in place in a nutshell: (Feel free to skip if you already understand the system)

What exactly is Conquest now?

It's still what it used to be, but it functions as an XP bar much like Honor does, you do not spend it. You get this from daily win bonuses on all forms of PvP, and smaller amounts from subsequent rated pvp wins only. Conquest is tracked at the top of your PvP window in game in a bar that reads X/500. It temporarily caps at 500 until you redeem that stage's reward.

The first one is a 345 weapon! The icon only shows one option, but you can pick from a variety. Ex: My elemental shaman showed an agi axe as the reward, but there was also a caster dagger, shield, and staff available when you turn in. They add a stage each week for the season and are retroactive, so you can complete them at any pace you want as long as you finish before the season ends. Also completing a 500 conquest challenge will get you a PvP chest to open on the following week, much like Mythic chests! I'm not certain that completing multiple challenges in one week offers multiple rewards in your weekly chest, so I believe that's the incentive to keep up with it.

That seems like a lot of work for just one reward every 500 conquest...

Not entirely true. Winning one random battleground win and one epic battleground win each day nets you 105 conquest, which is enough to finish a week's conquest grind in 5 separate days (bonus resets daily). You don't have to grind arenas, UNLESS you want to raise your rating. Raising your rating to a certain amount changes the level of gear you receive from end-match as well as the weekly pvp chest loot. In fact, here's the chart: (You also get a title for your highest achieved rating that season! :D)

Image result for wow rated pvp rewards bfa

There is much more that goes into how the reward system works, I don't have a perfect understanding but I know the ins and outs if there are any further questions!

Everything said, once again I want to extend an offer to assist anyone with learning the ropes or just run with people if anyone's interested in some PvP. While most of my info on all the classes is slightly dated, I am taking the time to relearn what the new versions of classes have to offer. My perspective for rated PvP is as a former 2300+ Warrior and over a decade of experience as a Paladin, but when you've played this long, you learn how your opponent's class plays, so I can help with mostly everyone :). Feel free to post here, PM me, or talk to me in game if you're interested! My playtime is fairly spotty at the moment, but I promise to get back to you all in a timely manner.



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I'm game though PvP does cause me a lot of stress and rage, lol. I will likely pop in and out whenever my brain is ready for that kind of torture.

Does kind of suck that they only release the sets in parts. In order to complete the transmog set I have to reach 1800?

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16 hours ago, Feisty said:

Does kind of suck that they only release the sets in parts. In order to complete the transmog set I have to reach 1800?

Correct, although with the exception of shoulder/helm, most of it seems to just be a recolor.

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I think we should definitely get some regular PvP going. Not just BGs, either, but we have had a LOT of fun making groups to do the weekly War Mode quest (kill 10 players in X BFA zone) including one week where Zev, Chungo, Saltine, and I all got our alliance slayer titles. 

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