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Parts is Parts for Tarkov

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These are ageing parts, but, among other parts that would be available sometime between now and January are:

a top tier i5 3rd Ivy Bridge (3rd Gen), associated board, ram and probably something like a GTX660 SOC.  

While the chipset and CPU are still quite competitive vis a vis capacity to play current and soon to be released heavy 3d gaming titles (including Tarkov) the GTX660 is only adequate and should ideally be replaced with something more modern.  I do not know what you have off the top of my headd so I do not know if even that aged gaming card is an improvement or not. 

Pro'ly we have a PSU and case, etc, however just on general principles, the PSU should be replaced as heavy use and age can cause PSUs to create problems (even though we haven't had any with the current one to date). 

Monitors are not good to ship if we don't need to, and I do not currently have any keyboard or mouse components I would be willing to ship. 


So the good news is that the 3rd gen i cores retain a high degree of competitiveness with current Intel architectures, and this is particularly important in gaming where Intel has the jump because of the superior single-core performance they generate for generally poorly multi-threaded game applications.  (There are exceptions to this limited multi-threadedness in gaming, but, like the latest Battlefield, they are rare, and Tarkov, is definitely not among those). 

The other good news is that the chipset is still pretty competitive as well so the mother board is also good.  Now for the Bad news: 

As I suggested, that 660 is not really competitive, the PSU is old-ish for a PSU and and should be replaced for safety, and I don't know off the top of my head how much 'matching' ram we have so that might be a want... Still, with everything half assembled already and just pick plug in and play replacement, you could be playing pretty improved conditions in an hour or so. ... 


Hey so what are the specs of your current machine?  What peripherals can you still use... ~Dim

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