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Our New dedicated Server box is ready to rock!

We are excited to be able to upgrade our hardware to improve our players experience on our servers and continue to grow the section in a positive way. 

In this transition players should not lose anything! All of the save files have been ported over right at the last moment to make sure that progress is not lost. The only thing you guys need to do is delete the old servers from favorites and add our new IPs!


The Center:  (Query Port:7777)

Scorched Earth: (Query Port:7775)

The Island: (Query Port:7779)

Ragnarok: (Query Port:7783)

Aberration: (Query Port:7781)


Add these new IPs to your favorites launch your game and away you go  right where you left off! 

On top of this we will be implementing some cool new features! Right off the bat you will notice that the servers will be saving stoping updating and restarting all on their own, and in the next few days this should be transcriped right to the #ark-updates channel and will look something like this.



Once everything is settled and we set an appropriate restart schedule we will look at adding a wild dino wipe to that schedule as well, but thats to come in a little while. 

Happy ARKing friends!


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Just thought you should know that there's a decimal missing in the island IP between 56 and 16


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