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Latest Overwatch news | What YOU need to know about the Torbjorn rework!! | Patch notes Overview | Halloween leaks?!?!

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Overwatch PTR notes of September 21st.

Hi everyone! Squidney here, and I'm here to talk about the latest Overwatch news. Currently, we have A LOT of stuff going on in Overwatch. And this will be a somewhat pretty long post because we have A LOT to cover!!


Let's start off with the Halloween leaks. As you know Halloween is around the corner and Blizzard already made 2 or 3 leaks on the Halloween event this year. So let us cover that first!

The first leak was around the beginning of September or late August I believe. Anyways on the official Blizzard website, there were MAJOR skin leaks to some pretty neat skins we'll be getting this year. And most of us in the Overwatch community *think* we figured some of them out pretty quickly Here is the picture of the skin NAMES.


As you can tell we also see the old skins from the previous years. And we also see those names along with the rank such as legendary, epic etc. Here is a list of the skins if you cannot see the picture.

Spider queen (Purple, epic)

Bride (Legendary)

Ghost (Legendary)

Slasher (Legendary)

These are the 4 leaked skins we have for this one leak. Now here are my theories on who is getting these skins.

For Spiderqueen it's only an epic skin. So purple. As soon as almost everybody saw it they all assumed Widowmaker right? Because of her relationship with Spiders. But I actually don't think so. I personally think that this skin will go to *drumroll* Orisa!! Now, why? You may ask? Well, my theory is that the spider skin is based on Greek Mythology. So for an example of a Spiderqueen from Mythology is pretty simple, it's almost like a centaur. Half human half horse. BUT with a spider queen, I think what Blizzard was aiming for is, a monster type of spider. Almost like a spider with a body? Almost something like this:Image result for spider queen mythology

Pretty much a creature. But why would this relate to Orisa? WELL BECAUSE it makes a LOT more sense than Widowmaker. Widowmaker doesn't really have the body type for a spider queen. Orisa has the legs and the movement and body type to actually fit this skin perfectly. And to support my theory, let's look at the Junkinstien comic from last year. It showed Genji and Zenyatta fighting a spider creature 


Now, if you take a look at the spider, it doesn't look like a spider at all. If you look REALLY closely at the legs, it doesn't even look like a regular spider leg, it looks more robotic, same with the entire body. That's why I believe that Blizzard was hinting this skin, from LAST YEAR. Crazy right? That's why I feel like Blizzard is making this Spiderqueen skin, for Orisa.

Next up, Bride. NOW I know we have A LOT of Widowmaker players in the community. Which I know some of you might be let down by the spider queen going for Orisa and not Widowmaker. But have no fear! Cause I believe that Widowmaker is getting the Bride skin!! How come? Well if you pay attention to Overwatch lore. Widowmaker was actually married before she was brainwashed and joined Talon's forces. That man was Gerard. AND if you look back in Widowmaker sprays during the first Archives event. You can see Widowmaker and Gerard at their wedding! Image result for who is widowmakers husband

As you can see, Widowmaker is wearing her wedding dress! Although I think it won't look EXACTLY like that, I think they'll change it more to Widowmaker's style maybe a black type of dress? Or purple? Anyways, I think she'll rock this dress as a sniper! 

Next up, Ghost! Now I think 2 different people may get this skin.

Sombra, or Moira. Although I think it'll fit Moira better.

We all know Sombra can go invisible infinitely now. But I think Moira would suit this better. Because of her spooky personality and her backstory. Plus her fade ability looks more ghost-like compared to Sombra just going invisible. 


And finally Slasher. Everyone actually thought Roadhog for Genji would get this skin. But I actually thought Soldier 76 would get this skin for multiple different reasons, and another leak recently came out in the PTR that pretty much confirms this.

1. Roadhog already has a skin from the Halloween event, he doesn't need another legendary skin. (Sorry Roadhog mains)

2. Genji already had a skin hinted in the comic that looked NOTHING like a slasher.

Why I think this will go for Soldier 76?? Well, I don't think Blizzard is going the way we all thought. I think they were going for an old-school Michael Myers skin. Soldier 76 legit looks like him too! And an achievement leak over on the PTR showed the skin icon with Soldier 76's face!

Next up, the rest of the leaks over on the PTR.

If you take a look at the Special achievements you can get, it shows the "The 6 wanderers" along with 6 different icons for a skin. Here is what they look like, and what I think what heroes they are, along with what skin I think some of them are.


Here at the first one, looks A LOT like Hammond. I personally think these could be 3 different skin ideas.

1. A scarecrow

2. A pumpkin

3. A bat

Although it's REALLY hard to tell on what it could be. Anyways, next up

I honestly think that's Widowmaker in the Bride skin. But its super hard to tell with these.

Next up, I think that's Winston with a Pirate captain skin.

Next up I think that is a Knight skin for Genji.

And then the Slasher skin for Soldier 76.

And finally, I think that's a Sombra skin. Not sure what skin though.

I believe we're done with the Halloween leaks so far. Let us move up to the Torbjorn rework!!

I'm not going to put the entire patch notes because this post is already as long as it is. So we'll focus on the Torb rework, but if you want to see the patch notes click here 

Here is a copy and paste of the patch notes on Torbjorn. As you can tell he is INSANELY overpowered right now, and if they don't nerf him as much before he goes on live, I believe there will be an amazing Torbjorn meta.

I hope you guys found these theories and information helpful! Let us know about what you think of the Halloween leaks and the new Torb!! I'd love to hear some different theories :eyes:




  • Reduced the size of Torbjörn’s head hit volume by 10%

Rivet Gun

Primary Fire

  • Projectile speed increased from 60 to 70 per second
  • Reload time reduced from 2.2 to 2 seconds
  • Turret targets enemy hit by primary fire

Alternate Fire

  • Recovery lowered from 0.8 to 0.6 seconds
  • Damage per shot lowered from 150 to 125
  • Reload time reduced from 2.2 to 2 seconds
  • Spread randomization readjusted

Forge Hammer

  • Radius increased to align with Quick Melee

Deploy Turret

  • Now a thrown projectile
  • Automatically builds over three seconds
  • No longer has different levels
  • Same damage output as previous level 2 turret
  • Maximum health reduced from 300 to 250
  • Now incurs a 5 second cooldown when deployed
  • Now incurs a 10 second cooldown when destroyed in combat
  • No longer able to deploy a new turret if it’s in combat
  • While the turret is firing
  • If the turret has taken damage within three seconds
  • Now able to destroy turret using the Interact input
  • Now will complete self-building once deployed, even if Torbjörn is eliminated

New Ability: Overload

  • Replaces Armor Pack
  • Lasts for 5 seconds (12 second cooldown)
  • Temporarily grants 150 armor
  • Increases attack, movement, and reload speed by 30%

New Ultimate: Molten Core

  • Switches weapon from Rivet Gun to his claw arm
  • Lasts 6 seconds
  • Fire up to 10 molten globules that create damage pools where they land for 10 seconds
  • Bounces off walls and ceilings until coming into contact with the ground
  • Base damage is 130
  • Damage increases from 130 to 190 against enemies who have armor
  • Heroes affected by armor: Bastion, Brigitte, D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Winston, Wrecking Ball
  • Heroes who can grant armor to their allies: Brigitte

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