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Mod updates

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Dino Storage: 

Update: 21 Sep @ 9:58am

● Pegomastax and Ichthyornis are no longer able to steal Dino Souls.
● Light pets will now retain it's charge when being stored.
● Added a personal owner check when trapping if OwnerRelease is enabled.
~ If using this ini and you need to swap personal ownership around than you can do so by having the owner release the dino with tribe taming set in the governance. This will remove personal ownership and allow you to trap it. Than switch tribe governance to personal taming and it will be released with you as the personal owner.
● Additional MU options for the terminal are now in sub-category [Options]
● You no longer need to select an item for the recovery button to appear. You still need to select a Soul for the destroy and transfer options to show, respectively.
● Added MU option to pull souls from the Terminal, in case you put too many in there.
● Targeting key (right click by default) of the Soul Gun will now open a UI to pull Dino Souls if a container is being targeted, in case you put too many there.
● Minor performance improvement on trapping.
● Dropped item bags from trapping now use the dino's corpse decay time. Before it was a manually set time, but now it gives a item bag decay time as if the dino was naturally killed.
● I liked the orange on the Dino Soul, so I reflected that change on all of my other items. I feel that it contrasts against the blue background really well for easy reading.


Eco RP Decor:

Update: 21 Sep @ 12:30pm


Community Box (Items for Admins or Community Centers)
Guestbook (100 Inventory slots)
Bulletin Board (50 Inventory slots)
Outpost (Snap points for ladders and the floor can be built upon)

Bad Box (Can be placed next to an enemy foundation or build. Has 2 inventory slots. Used for RP servers when you have broken into a base and need to leave a note or clue back to your character or tribe)


Changes to the Cooker and Attachments:

Recipe Station/Med Station where the Bases are turned into foods will snap to the left of the Cooker.
The old Dye Mixer (the black pot) will now become the Cooking Pot. Similar to the vanilla Cooking Pot. Here you will create your vanilla med brews, chilis, soups, etc.
Finally the Dye Pot is now on the right. There you can create your Dyes for the same price and quantity as before. 

The Recipe Station, Cooking Pot, and Dye Mixer all snap to the Cooker. 
The Cooker still functions the same as before cooking meat, creating charcoal, and refrigerating.
The Mixing Bowl can be placed on any surface and does not require snapping.
Food created from the Base give 1/4 the amount of Food incease as eating 1 Cooked Meat
Food created from the Recipes give the same amount of Food increase as eating 1 Cooked Meat
Faux Medicinal Teas provide no buff and are for RP purposes only.
King Bed (11 color options via radial wheel, 2 laying positions available)
Bunk Bed (11 color options via radial wheel, Shorter cooldown period for respawn, 2 laying positions available)
Seated Animation for Female to Bathtub
Seated Animation for Male to Bathtub
Tall Counter/Bar (50 Inventory slots)
Kitchen Jar (3 Inventory Slots, can be used to storage consumables for a short amount of time, can be named)
Curtains (Hang on wall, can be painted)
Pantry (120 Inventory Slots, increased spoil timer, can be painted)
Mixing Bowl (Used create Bases such as Lard, Flour, and Milk, Found in the Food Tray)
Recipe Station (Snaps to Cooker, combine your Bases from the Mixing Bowl to craft special recipes, Found in the Food Tray)
Cooking Pot (The old Dye Mixer (the black pot) will now become the Cooking Pot. Similar to the vanilla Cooking Pot. Here you will create your vanilla med brews, chilis, soups, etc. Snaps to the Cooker. Found in the Food Tray)
Dye Mixer (New version, snaps to the Cooker. Found in the Food Tray)
10 Faux Medicinal Teas (Found in the Recipe Station, provide no buff and are for RP purposes only)
Rockwell Throne
Ring Box

Redid Bed Frames on all Beds adding new design and textures that match existing furniture in the mod
Fixed inventory name in Counter and Counter with doors
Redid Mesh for Sofa and updated textures to match existing furniture in the mod
Adjusted color of Beer Bottle
Adjusted Refraction of Beer Bottle Material
Updated Mug Texture
Updated Pitcher Texture
Adjusted All Donut Textures
Updated texture on Muffin
Adjusted texture on Food Tray
Updated all Rug and Floor Runner textures
Updated Pineapple Bed texture
Reduced sound of the Toilet flush
Increased size of Cooking Pot
Added Snappoint to Cooker for the Recipe Station
Added Snappoint to the Cooker for the Dye Mixer (new version)
Radius of the Toilet Flush has been reduced as to not annoy your neighbors when you need to go potty.
Adjusted texture of Cooking Pot


If any of your items from this mod are not working they may need to be picked up and replaced. 

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