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Guild Bank Clean and Revamp!

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Afternoon Guildies! 

Today as promised I have cleaned out and revamped the guild bank permissions to suit our needs for the expansion. 

1. Since our guild is starting to come together and complete content together players are starting to generate some revenue for the bank via the cash flow perk. I have turned on guild repairs for anyone over the rank of guest, starting at a low amount and allowing more as ranks progress. Right now we cant really sustain repairs for ALL your gear, so its just a nice amount to help our players out until we can get some solid revenue.

2. The Guild bank tabs have all been changed, and ALL players will only have access to interact with two tabs (this can change if trust grows). 

TAB 1 - Donations

  • All guild tanks can deposit in this tab but not withdraw, this tab is to be used for players to drop items that they would like to donate to the guild for use. Things we are really looking for here are BFA materials, pots, flasks, food, runes, scrolls, really anything useful in new content. This equipment will be managed by staff (Right now only myself) and sorted into the proper tabs for distribution during raids (once we can sustain)


  • All members will also be able to deposit in this tab, and withdrawal limit depends on rank within the guild. This tab is to be used for everyday things that players would like to offer up to others. Things like patterns pets mounts and other cool nic nacs can go in here. PLEASE do not treat this as a junk drawer. I really don't want to have to clean up cloth and herbs from 4 expansions ago because you couldn't find a vendor while leveling. 

TABS 3-6 - Current Expansion Materials and consumables

  • All members can view this tab to see what is inside, but only staff with have access to depsit or withdraw from these tabs. This is where we will sort donations from guild members to use during raids. Things like item enhancements can be requested by any players, but your request may be declined based on guild need and your standing in the guild. Priority will be given to players who are consistently raiding or trying to create guild groups for mythics and mythic+ (the things that generate revenue for the guild) 

TAB 7  - Officers Only 

  • All players can see this tab but again only staff will have access to things inside. This will be a place where we might store more expensive donations (boe's mounts or other random things). These things will likely be available for guild members to purchase at a price discounted from the auction house. For example, someone gets a 100K BOE and wants to donate it to the guild, officer will place it in this tab to be on display, if a player  from the guild wants to buy it we may settle on a price like 60-65k (the gold will go to the guild bank to buy raid mats and repairs and the like). If no one is interested in the item, I will likely be trying to sell this item in trade or the AH to add some funds to the guild bank. 
  • Officers may also store their personal raid materials in here to free up inventory space and be able to access them during raid.



My hope is that the guild eventually be able to sustain itself to afford a reasonable repair to players as well as provide materials for raids. We will never give materials from the bank to randoms or players who have no proven loyal to the guild, so all players who wish to donate materials can rest assured that they will be put to the best use. 

Hopefully players will consider donating to the guild bank =) Every little bit helps!

If you have any questions about any of this please post or whisper Feisty on discord.


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