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Uldir Raid Guide

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·         At 100 Energy, the active tank must be sure to aim Cudgel of Gore at large patches of Blood Storm to soak them up.

·         Once the  Cudgel of Gore cast is complete, use any movement speed abilities available to run from the area.

·         When the boss reaches 35%, be sure to tank the Coalesced Bloods that begin to spawn.

·         When off tanking, run over Volatile Droplets to prevent them from hitting your raid.


·         Be sure to have raid healing spells ready for Cudgel of Gore.

·         Pay extra attention to players afflicted with Plasma Discharge.


·         When Taloc reaches 35% Health, he will take 99% reduced damage and begin the Transition Phase. This lasts about 90 seconds, so plan cooldowns accordingly.


·         Drop Blood Storm as close together as possible.

·         Be at least 30 yards away from Taloc when he casts Cudgel of Gore.

·         Aim your camera down the elevator shaft during the Transition Phase to avoid Uldir Defensive Beams.

·         When Taloc turns to face the raid and casts Sanguine Static be ready to dodge out of the way.


·         Assign a spot in the room to drop Blood Storm and have the raid spread loosely near that area.

·         Have Taloc tanked in the center of the room.

·         When Taloc begins casting Cudgel of Gore, have the active tank run to the Blood Storm pile, while the raid runs away from the active tank.

·         During the Transition Phase, have the ranged positioned near the edge of the platform in order to call/mark safe spots for the melee and tanks.

·         At the bottom of the elevator have the raid loosely spread, and drop Blood Storm near the edges of the room, slowly shifting the raid clockwise or counterclockwise.

5. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp when the elevator reaches the bottom of the shaft in the Transition Phase. This will allow the DPS to clear out any remaining adds from the previous phase, and will give the healers a nice buffer to ease the somewhat chaotic transition.




·         Dodge Sanitizing Strike by side-stepping whenever it is cast.

·         Round up and tank the Remnants of Corruption when you are not tanking MOTHER.


·         Have cooldowns ready for when your raiders pass through the Defense Grid.

·         Keep an eye on the Remnant of Corruption and be ready to react if they manage to get a cast of Clinging Corruption off.


·         Focus down the Remnants of Corruption as you pass through the  Defense Grid.


·         Crowd control and interrupt the Remnants of Corruption to prevent their casts.

·         Move across the Defense Grid in small groups, allowing your DPS to handle the adds, and your healers to top off the raid.

·         Do not stand in front of MOTHER so you can avoid Sanitizing Strike.

·         Run against Wind Tunnel.

·         Dodge Uldir Defensive Beam by moving into the safe zones.


·         Stand near the center of the room your group is in length-wise, to more easily react to  Wind Tunnel and Uldir Defensive Beam.

·          Defense Grid causes line of sight, however AoE spells can affect targets on the other side. It is wise to position as close to the Defense Grid as possible to allow heals such as  Essence Font or  Wild Growth to bounce across. Equally, reticle-targeted spells like  Ring of Peace  Healing Rain, or  Blizzard can be placed across the barrier.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp in the third room. The boss will take an additional 100% damage during this phase, dramatically increasing the Heroism/Bloodlust value.

Fetid Devourer


·         Make sure you are stacked together so the off-tank is targeted by Terrible Thrash. This will happen every 4th melee swing.

·         Be prepared for Fetid Frenzy when the boss reaches 50% Health.


·         Tanks are going to take a lot of damage, so be mindful if their Health.

·         Keep an eye on people with inflicted with Malodorous Miasma as it will transform into Putrid Paroxysmat the end of its duration.

·         Make sure that Shockwave Stomp pushes you back towards the targets that you are assigned to heal.

·         If tanking the Terrible Thrash, make sure to keep an eye on the boss's stacks, so you are able to know when the hit is coming.


·         Be quick when swapping targets to kill the Corruption Corpuscles.

·         You can use Shockwave Stomp to knock you towards the Corruption Corpuscle you are assigned to kill.


·         Do not get knocked into the Corruption Corpuscle as they are spawning, as the waste falling from the ceiling will give you a stack of  Malodorous Miasma.

·         Dodge Rotting Regurgitation.

·         When needed, counter Shockwave Stomp by using abilities like Blink, Transcendence, or other displacements.


·         Tank Fetid Devourer in the center of the room.

·         Dedicated tank healers should be positioned in such a way that they are knocked in the same direction as the tanks.

·         When the Corruption Corpuscles spawn, bring the boss to the closest one so the melee can cleave the two, while the ranged handle the farther one.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp when the boss reaches 50% and casts  Fetid Frenzy. Not only will the DPS be able to capitalize on the burst window, but he tanks will be taking tremendous damage at this point, and giving healers a buffer to help keep them alive is an extra bonus.




·         Taunt swap after each Might of the Void combo, when the other tank has two stacks of Void Lash.

·         Aim Void Lash away from other players.


·         Have raid cooldowns ready for Surging Darkness.

·         Be aware of where players with Roiling Deceit are running, as they will likely be out of range while dropping off their debuff.


·         Burst down Silithid Warriors before they are able to damage the raid.

·         Save cooldowns for the final phase if you are assigned to catch the Orb of Corruption.


·         Be ready to move away from other players if you are targeted by Eye Beam.

·         Crowd control the Silithid Warriors to prevent them from reaching the raid.

·         Crowd control and interrupt the Nerubian Voidweavers to prevent their casts.

·         Drop Roiling Deceit around the edges of the room.

·         Make sure to avoid Roiling Deceit clouds, as spawning an add will likely result in a wipe.

·         Crowd control and interrupt players afflicted with Will of the Corruptor to prevent their casts.


·         Tank the boss near the center of the room.

·         In Phase One, loosely spread behind the boss so that Silithid Warriors do not spread out.

·         Players targeted by  Eye Beams must move away from the group quickly.

·         In Phase Two, tank the boss on top of any adds that spawn.

·         Players with Roiling Deceit should drop it as far out as possible, near the edges of the room.

·         In Phase Three, tank the boss in the center of the room, and have players loosely spread behind the boss.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

We advise you to use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp in the final phase to help with healing from  Titan Spark, as well as to synergize with  Corruptor's Pact buff that will be spreading through the raid.

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