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Dino Storage Mod Update 9/3/2018

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Hey everyone, today we had a small update for the Dino Storage mod, here's the breakdown:

● Dino Souls now works with Auction House.
~ Special thanks goes to the Ghazlawl for allowing you guys to auction Dino Souls by storing custom item data in his new update.
● Dino Souls now capture the server name it was captured on.
~ Old Souls in play will not have a stored server name, and will have their mating times refreshed to allow mating. Free one-time 100% cooldown for all currently stored females when the update lands!
~ New Souls containing the stored server name will:
• If stored on server matches the released on server, mating timers will continue to count down and behave normally. Only effects females that can breed.
• If stored on server does not match the released on server, mating timer will behave like the Obby where the new server will set a mating cooldown time between the dino's `New Female Min Time Between Mating` and `New Female Max Time Between Mating` which is on the dino BP itself. The item will say "Trap again to get new server mating time!". Only effects females that can breed. Can be changed to not set a mating cooldown timer with INI config NewServerCanMate.
● INI config NewServerCanMate added and, if true, will make female dinos able to mate immediately on new servers. Default is false.

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