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LF Guild Leadership/Raid Leader

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Hey there folks! 

With the new expansion coming out The WoW section is hoping to expand. We are looking for more players to join the guild and be active and play together. In order to grow however we are going to need more people dedicated to working on this!

This being said the WoW section is looking for people interested in staffing the section. We have positions open for the following:

-WoW Adviser: This is a general guild officer type position. These people will work on recruitment for players and helping players by answering questions as much as possible. Eventually Advisers will become admins which we put a little more responsibility of planning and running events as well as dealing with more player issues. 

-Raid Leaders: We are looking to start raiding casually, but in order to do this we will need more than just me running the show. I am looking for individuals with raiding experience. People who have worked in an organized raid team previously who will be able to help out or run the show in a raid setting. People interested in this position will first be considered for an adviser position until we can see what kind of raid leader you can be! Raid leaders will also have input on who might become "class leaders" down the road.

Keep in mind that our goal is to raid, but we will always do this with the multi-game community inclusiveness in our minds.

If either of these positions interest you, please take a look at the requirements and application for staff in the link below. If you have any questions please feel free to message Feisty on discord (Feisty/Ki in game).



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