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[Let's Get This Game Going] for (Starcraft)

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Name: TitanCMD
Form: Let's Get This Game Going Request


Name of the Game: Starcraft
Describe this game:


This is one of the oldest and best RTS games out there. It recently went to free to play so this might be a good time to get it going.

You have a top-down view of a base where you create an army to combat the enemies base and army. In the campaign mode, there are separate chapters for each race where you can learn to master armies of the Terran, the Zerg, and the Protoss. They fight galactic battles to keep the peace in the galaxy. The Terran spawned from Earth when a cargo ship housing convicts went rogue and started their own civilization. The Zerg are an insect/carapace like species that are a hive mind that at first wanted to destroy everything in their path. The Protoss are a reptilian species that are telepathic creatures with two factions of highly evolved civilizations.

This game has an extensive campaign mode and a very solid PvP scene with the pro scene not being huge but consistent. It was one of the first games to have an eSports scene and has talk shows devoted to the game on Twitch. I thought it would be fun to have a Pylon Show viewing party if we get enough people, and WCS viewing parties also.

Research: This game is a smaller game since it is largely 1v1 when you play, but they recently added a co-op option which is 2vAI. The largest amount of people in one match is 8, with it being 4v4.
What are you planning on doing or committing to help this game get into the Community?: I would seek out third-party sites and try to post on them weekly. I want to run a "Lazy Sunday Starcraft" where we group up like in houses and do a fun game mode. This game probably has the most game modes of any game out there, so it would never really get exhausted.
Final Thoughts: I would be willing to be a manager since I love this game so much, and it wouldn't really require a huge amount of staff.
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