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S+ Update 8/5/2018

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Update: Aug 5 @ 8:30pm

- New Structure: S+ Auto Crafter 
* Place other crafting inside of it, then select a recipe for it to auto craft
* Contains an item in its inventory that will allow you to pull selected and get resources based on whatever recipe is selected
- New Structure: S+ Mannequin (can adjust appearance via custom character creation UI, set different poses and equip with all slots of armor... no weapons yet and some hats don't show)
- Fixed issue with the rotation of icons on the S+ Dedicated Storage
- The Hitching Post rope now spawns with a more appropriate length
- You can now disable auto crafting on the S+ Cooking Pot & S+ Industrial Cooking Pot (note: there is a delay between re-enabling auto crafting and when it begins)
- Absorbent Substrate added to pull list
- Fixed issue with dino scan incorrectly counting tamed dinos when checking for spawned dinos
- Child versions of a selected dino type in the dino scan will no longer show (ie you won't see alpha raptors when searching for raptors)
- Disabling the coordinates in the dino scan no longer disables the map view
- Water dinos can now be added to the vivarium 
- Adjusted bonuses & penalties of females, males & oviraptors in the vivarium
- Fixed issue with incorrectly calculating the tame limit when removing dinos from the vivarium (note: dinos can not be removed once you hit your tame cap and any dinos over your tame cap will be lost if the vivarium is destroyed)
- The vivarium is now craftable in the S+ Crafting Station
- Added a UI for dino selection in the vivarium & cloning chamber
- Glass straight stairs can now have their transparency changed
- S+ Tek Sleeping Pod can be placed on rafts & saddles
- S+ Stone Gateway, S+ Stone Behemoth Gateway & S+ Wood Gateway has their crafting cost increased to match vanilla costs
- The Animal Tender will be more calm (note: while its interesting to read all the theories on what the animations mean, they do not mean anything)
- Fixed issue with pull code not correctly recognizing stackable items when using a stack mod
- S+ Fridge & A+ AC can no longer be placed close to enemy structures
- Fixed bug with S+ generator that allowed it to increase the foundation support range of the ceiling it was snapped to
- New Config Option: VivariumDinoLimit (sets how many dinos can be placed in the vivarium. Note: only the first ten will be displayed on the structure HUD)
- New Config Option: RemovePowerRequirementFromVivarium (will allow the vivarium to be activated without power)
- New Config Options: AutoCrafterSlotCount & AutoCrafterCraftingSpeed

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