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Dino Storage Options being applied

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DownloadRelease=True //This function adds a check to see if the dinosaur would be downloadable onto the server before allowing to release. Essentially blocking non aberration dino's on aberration.
ReturnTrapper=True //This function returns a soul trap to you when you release the dinosaur contained in it.
StoreSaddle=True  //This function allows a saddle a dino is wearing to be stored with it. It will keep all its statistics, but paint jobs to the saddle will be lost, but skins will remain.
VaultTerminal=True //This function essentially makes the soul storage act as a vault. Meaning if the ground below it is broken, it will not break, it will drop. Dino's are meant to not be claimable by another player for 31 days, terminal decay timer is 31 days so that is perfect.

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