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Anyone Looking To Play?

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Hey everyone! 


I just picked up ED: H and I am HOOKED! I've been playing in solo mode to get the hang of playing and whatnot but it's getting a little lonely out there in space and I could use some company! 

I'm not a pro player by ANY means but am very familiar with space sims and flight sims so I'm not a newb either haha. 

I mainly bounty hunt and do trade runs but I'm still on my first ship (a fully upgraded viper mkiv) so I'm limited haha. I'm currently aligned to Zachary Hudson but haven't done much yet with the power play as I figure it'd probably be best to do that with friends! I'm usually on every day and have been learning more and more about the game. If we can get enough people playing we could set up a discord and start teaching people how to space :P


Anyways get at me in discord I'm usually hanging out in the Tarkov channel. Let's get this going!

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Hey Prod. I play ED:H, but I'm 22k+ lys from Sol. I mainly explore. Can I suggest playing music or podcasts to help past the time in-game. Space Madness is real. Fly safe. And remember, in space, no one can hear you weep.


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