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Dino Storage: My fix for lag and restoration

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Hi guys!

Just wanted to post a note about the fix i made to dino storage the other day. It turns out that we trapped SO many dinos that the save file that is being stored on the server became too large. In fact the developer told me that this file was three times as large as any file any of his mod users had ever shared with him. This means that yes, we are confirmed collect-aholics... TALKING ABOUT RAGNAROK

Essentially in order to fix the problem i had to rename the save file and have the mod start a new one. Meaning that all the souls trapped in souls PRIOR to this fix are now unrecoverable should some CRAZY bug that is incredibly unlikely happen. Well... they are recoverable, but it would require me to replace the file that lagged the server to hell and restart the server, which i would then have to replace again to remove the lag and restart again. 

I'm sure you can get where im going with this... I wont be going through this trouble unless under extreme conditions, which is VERY unlikely. For those of you that have a million trapped color dinos like me, those dinos are pretty much never going to be recovered if they are ever lost... but if you have your worker dinos trapped, you can simply un trap and retrap them to restore their info in the save file. PLEASE dont do this with all your colored dinos that serve no purpose as this will just bog down the file and cause it to lag again. Just do this with dinos that you would REALLLLLLY hate to lose like workers or drakes or whatever. Now that the bulk of the servers dinos are trapped i dont think the save file will bog down for a long time like it did before so we shouldnt have to go through this again for some time.


I have also been brainstorming with the developer of the mod who has said he will likely implement some sort of storage file overwrite that servers can opt out of, meaning that he is going to make i t so that after a certain file size the oldest entry in the file will be over written, meaning that only the most recent (he estimates like 3000) dinos trapped will be recoverable, which doesn't seem like it will be unreasonable, if you didn't use the dino in 3000 dinos then chances are in the one in a million chances that something happens to that dino soul and its unrecoverable you wont miss it. 

Just to reiterate were not  talking about REMOVING souls from the game that aren't touched... just the ability to recover them SHOULD something go wrong. 

Any questions about this please feel free to message me in discord.

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