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S+ Mod Update 07/22/18

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Update: Jul 22 @ 3:01pm

- New Structure: S+ Vivarium
  * Can store up to 10 dinos, females will produce 1 unfertilized egg every 30 min
  * Males of the same species & Oviraptors will increase production while additional females of the same species will slow production
  * Dinos can be stored while unpowered but will not produce eggs unless powered by a Tek Gen
  * If destroyed, any dinos inside will be spawned in the world
    (note: dinos placed in the vivarium will lose all items on them)
- Fixed an issue with dynamic gates & gateways not using the correct structure settings
- The hitching post can now hitch & unhitch all nearby dinos 
- The mutator & charge station can be activated via remote keypads
- Flipped staircases will no longer lose their collision after a server restarts
- Fixed issue that prevented the animal tender from collecting oil from basilo's
- The cloning chamber can now clone flying dinos that cannot land (ie onyc)
- Forcefield walls no longer push actors away & the demo gun can be used on them
(note: open forcefield walls no longer prevent unauthorized access so you can escort people through them)
- Fixed an issue that caused pull selected to pull stacks of normally non-stackable items when a stack mod is installed
- Fixed issue that caused pull selected to not correctly calculate the weight of resources when a stack mod in installed
- Pull selected will now list what items are missing and their quantities
- Fixed issue with pull selected not using resources already within the target inventory correctly
- The Dino Scan now lists all spawnable creatures even if none of them are currently spawned
- S+ Shield is no longer immune to C4 (among other attacks)
- You no longer need to deplete the shield health before the shield generator takes damage when the shield is not activated
- Updated greenhouse health to match new live values
- Updated the following Tek structures crafting recipes to match live: Staircase, Roof(Square & Triangle), Fence(Foundation & Support), Sloped Wall(Left & Right) &  Railing
- The converter will no longer convert valid conversion pairs if their recipes differ (to prevent exploits for when recipes change on live)
- The converter can now convert multiple stacks of items properly
- You can now place things on the sides of vacuum compartments (tek lights, wall torches, etc)
- Thatch roof uses the correct icon now
- Removed thin wire from S+ tek light
- Fixed issue with Transfer Tool UI
- Added functionality for third party mod devs to allow the Farmer & Item Collector to use their custom dung beetles & compost bins (see: discussions for more info)

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