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MASSIVE Dino Storage Update!

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 UI improvements and crash prevention.
~ INI configurable chunker for data. Having the Recovery feature read a file containing ~2,700+ dinos was too much for the client to handle all at once and would time out. The chunking resolves this issue. Special thanks to Chron for providing the file to debug with: https://gyazo.com/36dba8b1553f691cff52347c164bff97
~ Easier/faster deletion system to help manage unwanted data in large arrays. You can do so by clicking "delete" in the recovery menu now.
~ "Old Dino Data" is no longer supported. As such, Red Souls that do not contain stats in their description will no longer function. This doesn't mean all Red Souls, but specifically ones that look like this: https://gyazo.com/d0d2f63b2724648ea663f414d5c4317d
~ Buttons now highlight when hovering over them, rather than darken.
 Dino Soul visual improvements.
~ Will no longer state that a Dino is Male if the dino has no gender.
~ Male dinos will be a blue soul, while females will be pink, and genderless will be purple. Both the icon and dropped mesh reflect this change: https://gyazo.com/3ededc293731757920b6c90656d1652b
~ Additional data exposed such as drag weight, and source where the mod comes from.
~ Vanilla source example: https://gyazo.com/f30879495d78bd520ab8237b2ef53199
~ Modded source example: https://gyazo.com/68c06b5e37970bdb8f275684296130a0
~ Color Regions will now only display a color for a region if it's valid/found. Keep in mind that items can only detect server side colors. Some mods can color dinos on client side to make them look colored but breeding and items will not detect such methods.
~ The person who trapped the dino is now stored in the item.
~ The class of the dino is now displayed on the item. This is largely because of wyverns having similar Dino Tags, but also helpful to know so that you can block it if desired: https://gyazo.com/d9d67e35e275eef0aa736cedfa5ab7b8
~ The tribe group ranks are also stored and displayed on the item now.
~ Dino Soul title information is now added to the bottom of the description and was primarily added for when S+ UI's overlap the tooltips.
~ Added mating information to the description. Red text is displayed if the dino can't mate. Yellow text is displayed if the mating time is on cooldown and shows the remaining time. Green text is displayed if the is ready to mate: https://gyazo.com/ab464db94268764978ad37022c092798 (Notice the remaining time reduce by 2 minutes: https://gyazo.com/75f16152b0a8afa2237ebfaf0f81e763)
~ Added spayed/neutered status to the mating information.
~ Will no longer "blank out" item description when uploaded to Obby's. It still held the dino data, but you couldn't tell what dino was what until it was removed. This has been fixed.
 Dino Soul logic adjustments and item loss prevention.
~ Dino Souls now have a hard-coded delay of 1 second to prevent lag when trying to mass spawn: https://gyazo.com/946b279b3d55b84f746dce2f8755d50c and INI config for cooldown will now adjust that time.
~ It now checks if the dino was spawned/released before removing the Dino Soul and "Dino Failed To Spawn! Verify Installed Mods For Modded Dinos!" is the message you will see if it was incapable of being spawned.
~ Improved accuracy of the water check for water dinos. It should no longer allow smaller fishies, like the Piranha, to be released above the water.
~ Increased the life span when dropped from 2 minutes to 30 minutes.
~ Flyer prevention volumes added with INI to disable them, if desired. Comes with 2 INI's, one can disable the PvE only prevention zones, and the other fully disables the check.
~ Prevention volume improvement. It will no longer detect important paths or heavy resource areas as a preventable zone. I found that there were other settings that needed to be checked for to get better accuracy.
~ Preventing Upload via INI should now warn the users to remove them before transferring characters.
~ When an Admin releases a dino it now sends a HUD notification on anything it bypassed while being an Admin. This is helpful for users so that they know everything is working as intended, and when things are being bypassed.
~ Releasing dinos will now follow tribe group rank rules. As such, it won't allow release if the player's tribe group inventory rank and riding rank are not greater or equal to the dinos stored rank. Check can be disabled with INI.
~ Fixed the Drake camo bug. It no longer applies the camo buff on release.
~ Weight is now adjustable through INI with options to be based on dino drag weight.
 INI adjustments.
~ ADDED: ExcludeSource, IncludeSource, DinoSoulWeight, DragWeightMultiplier, ExcludeBuffs, RepDataSize, RepDataRate, PreventTransfer, TribeRankRelease, ReleasedTrapDelay, TamedTrapDelay, GhostTerminal, UnlockGhostTerminal, TerminalWeight, TerminalStackWeight, TerminalStackSize, TrapperWeight, TrapperStackWeight, TrapperStackSize, GunWeight, StructureTrap, TerminalTrap, PreventExtraZones, FlyerZoneRelease, PvEFlyerZoneRelease, RemoveValidCheck.
~ REMOVED: ExcludeVehicles
 Soul Terminal Changes
~ Improved collision detection. It will be more forgiving to allowing placement on slanted terrain.
~ Admin Recovery button will now appear for Admins whether their icon is visible or not.
~ Dynamic Text has been shifted up slightly to prevent clipping of lower case letters on some mesh styles.
~ Merging structures now obey the terminal limits. It will randomly destroy the merging teams terminals until the limit is met. In this example, the terminal limit was set to 3, while the primitive mesh's were the ones merging: https://gyazo.com/5f86a573188e6d2efbf2319346b091ac
~ Transfer feature of Dino Souls can now be disabled by INI.
~ Unlocked states will now persist on restarts and not reset to being locked.
~ Destroying a Dino Soul is now written to the tribe log: https://gyazo.com/ff85d65008ab358edb0fc86ce11ac974
~ Max inventory INI settings now replicate to the client.
~ Collision can now be toggled on/off if INI is enabled. There is no way to damage a ghosted terminal.
~ Soul Terminal will now drop unallowed items set through INI if said items become forcibly introduced through S+ pull transfers or otherwise.
~ Weight, stack weight, and stack size can now bed adjusted through INI.
 Trapping logic adjustments
~ Firing delay on the Soul Gun increased from 0.2 seconds to 1 second.
~ Soul Trapper weight, stack weight, and stack size can now be adjusted through INI.
~ Soul Gun weight can now be adjusted through INI.
~ No longer able to trap vehicles like rafts and ATV's. Dino Souls hold a lot of data for the items, data that is mostly irrevelant for vehicles especially when said vehicles behave like structures being picked up and placed and have their own item type they can be.
~ Various INI's added to check for X time after releasing or taming before allowing trapping and also various INI's to require being near friendly Soul Teerminals or structures.
~ Trappers will now check if the player inventory is full before allowing trapping. Both Dinos and Players have a 300 item max inventory size which accounts for not only the inventory but also the equipped and slotted items. I am now checking if the limit has not been reached and has the room needed for the mechanics involved.
~ No longer able to trap if the dino is mating or has mating progress. This is to help avoid losing mating progress by accident.
~ no longer able to trap if the dino is gestating or has gestation progress. This is to preserve the dino mating data.

Discuss this update in the discussions section.
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