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Ark: Extinction, What you need to know!

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Ark Extinction!

Hello! Today I shall be giving you all the current knowledge of the long awaited Ark: Extinction DLC. Since there is so Much to talk about lets dive right in!



First, Lets talk about this massive beast we got a glimpse of in the trailer. This is the Titan! They will be tamable in the upcoming DLC, But they wont be just freely roaming the map destroying your base. You have to explore dungeons for each to appear, Every Titan will be different with a different way to take it down.


Next new Dino on the list is called an Enforcer! These Synthetic dinos can climb walls as well as teleport short distances. Wildcard isn't sure if we will be able to craft or tame enforcers but we know for certain you can ride them. 


This strange looking creature is called a Gasbag. They are essentially pack mules that you can inflate like a balloon and ride around on its back. Piloting it expels air, this will probably be a very useful creature.

Next lets talk about new items.


These guys are called drones. They can be remote piloted by players using special binoculars. You can send them out to tag enemies or explore without the fear of dying. You can even rig them with explosives if your mission requires more then just scouting.


These are called Item Balloons! If your out gathering resources you can load it up with items then float it back to base or a location of your choice. Or perhaps use it to airlift resources from your base to you. A good alternative if you haven't managed to tame a gasbag, Though other players can shoot it down and loot it. 


Now for one of the things that I am most excited about (and completely makes the new soul trapper mod we installed useless) the Cryopod!. This thing allows you to "Freeze" creatures into a Ice cube form you can carry around in you pocket, which you can then deploy as needed. A good way to trade creatures or move bases easier. 

There are also a couple things WildCard has mentioned that we don't know that much about. Players will have to deal with so called "corrupted" dinos that are extremely aggressive and untamable, and reside in corrupted zones that are infectious and (Remember the black spikes we saw in the trailer?). These zones will also feature corrupted element. New PvE events will occur where players will fight off waves of corrupted dinos while they try to collect large amounts of element. WildCard described it as an almost tower defense style event. Movement systems from the last expansion Aberration; Gliding, zip-lines, and climbing, will be featured in the upcoming DLC.

Have fun and hope the expansion comes soon.

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