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Scorched Earth server problems

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and I am currently playing on the ADK Scorches Earth server with a friend of mine. I am not sure if I am in the right topic but I have 2 urgent questions. 

1. Almost all our dinos are not responding to the whistles anymore. We have no idea what happened but they are all constantly aggressive or neutral running around in our base and stuff. It's very weird :( Somebody an idea what it could be?

2. The dinos that we tame in the server gain usually around 40-50 levels when  tamed right. Though I am used to be able to distribute those points after the taming process. Yet in this server you have 1 point to distribute after taming, the rest is distributed automatically. Is this on purpose? Or is this a bug?

Any help would be appreciated! <3

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1. I can't really think of any other reason your animals would go aggressive/neutral other than someone in your tribe is whistling them.

2. I'm having a hard time understanding what you're asking, so I have 2 answers;

     - It takes time in order for you to distribute more levels into a dino. You can't just distribute 40-50 levels right after taming.

     - Taming effectiveness might have been lowered while you were taming said dino.

I am also moving this topic to the general ARK forums. You can find it here: https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/482-ark-survival-evolved/

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So both of these are actually regular functions of ark that likely your last server did severely different. 

1. There is no reason that your dinos should not respond to your whistles unless you have accidentally selected a tame group with your num pad or another key under you’ve set. By default your numpad let’s select tame groups that you can assign dinosaurs too in their radial menus. If for some reason you’ve accidentally hit #4 on your numpad you are now whistling for group #4 which I’m guessing you haven’t assigned to anyone and your dinosaurs will no longer respond to group whistles while this is selected. You can hit a bum pad key to select a group and hit it again to de select a group and go back to whistling all. Give that a try and let us know. 

If you have claimed these dinosaurs from another tribe make sure that they did not have the dino selected to ignore group whistles.

2. This sounds to me like your old server gave your dinosaurs free levels after tame. As in, the experience required for the first bunch of levels was actually zero. 

How this process works on normal servers: 

when you tame a dinosaur it’s level is increased based on effectiveness of the tame. Using the most ideal food and not allowing the tame to take damage after being knocked out will make the effectiveness and time to tame lower. When you tame a level 200 dino which is our servers wild maximum the dinosaur tamed at the most effectiveness will gain 99 extra levels. These levels are actually randomly assigned to the dinosaur which adds the RNG factor to taming. A dinosaur could have 20 of those points into oxygen or maybe even more which is not idea or most of the levels could be assigned to health or dmg which for a rex is ideal. 

After this taking process you start the leveling up process, this is where I think your old server allowed players free levels, for us our first level has next to know requirement and works up in an arc from there. Each level will require more experience than the last, the first 40-50 levels are decently easy to achieve, but these levels are not automatic. 


I honestly hope this explaination helps you understand your issue . 

P.S. you are on the right forum section but not quite the right sub forum but that’s just fine. Hope you enjoy the servers.

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First if all, thanks for the quick reply!

We fixed the whistle problem, it was indeed a taming group problem. My tribe member accidentally created a taming group with 1 of the dino's in there and it seemed that we were onky whistling that one. FIXED NOW THANKS <3

Regarding the dino leveling: Wow I did'nt know that this was the normal way (as in, how it is supposed to go). Seems I was spoiled on the other server, there it was indeed free adding of points in the dino for the levels you gained during taming. Thanks for all the clear info! We will continue to have some fun on your scorched earth server :D 

Soon we might also join a Dragonpunk Mod - server, do you have any ambition to host one of those?

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Not dragonpunk but we will be opening an annunaki server in September. 

We were toying around with a mod showcase server idea that would feature different mods in like a 3 month ish rotation that’s something we could look at adding  to that. Obviously the most popular of mods would be considered to be permanent.

our box upgrade should be happening in September and thats our main restriction on adding new servers at this time. 

I’m glad you’re enjoying our servers. I would encourage you and your friends to join us in our discord channels :) we like meeting new people!

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