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Welcome back PS2

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As one of the old PS2 crew I figured I'd have some fun with the first post in this section.  I'd come join you all for some good ol' cat herding if my computer still worked.  Make sure you guys share some crazy stories for me to help me be there in spirit as you guys battle for those sweet certs.  For any of the old guys still kicking around go ahead and share your favorite story from the battlefield.  I'll swing by later and share one of mine as well.

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@LtNoobslayer Glad to see you around, saw you pop into Discord yesterday.  


Hope you get your PC worked out soon so you can come join us back in game.  


Dont be a stranger.  

Talk to you later. 

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12 hours ago, bluewolfxD said:

Is ADK really back on Planetside 2 ?! :love:

To an extent.  It is a section again and we have some old names playing again but I believe we're currently looking for someone to run the section.

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So Planetside 2 has, apparently, lost all my interest after six years of constant gameplay. Up until last month, I'd continued to play as NC on Connery after most my fellow ADKGamers had left. The only week long breaks I took were due to vacations in AZ and TN to visit family were I didn't have access to my PC. That isn't said to toot my own horn or disparrage other members, it's just to show my own love for the game. No matter how many times I thought I was finally done with the game, something always pulled me back with a couple of days. 

Back in September of 2018 Daybreak Games  announced the creatation of a new continent, Oshur, that would be coming to the game 'soon'. So, as a consistant player, and as someone with permissions, I started to promote Planetside 2 to the ADK community, knowing that players would need to grind out the certs required to obtain the items needed for construction prior to Odhur bring released, if they wished to have full advantage of the game; construction was a large piece of the coming continent. 

Then in December of last year, Daybreak pushed aside Oshur and announced the release of Planerside 2 Arena. Daybreak also laid off a large section of employees and did a cash grab with an all access pass. All this, and their lack of support to PS 2 console players has lead me to the conclusion the Planetside 2 is truly dying; therefore, I have left the game. 

That all said, it is an amazing game, and free to play at that. I fully support the revival of Planetside 2 in ADK; however, I don't plan to return until the release of Oshur, if and when. 

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