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ADK Hero Watch: Reinhardt, Ramstein Hammerstein

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Hey Guise,

This week I went back in time and took a look at Reinhardt before the Brigitte addition. Reinhardt has always been a force to be reckoned with. He lost favor though when dive comp meta came into play where the tanks being played were DVA and Winston. He might make it back in this new meta though, with his squire as support.

I went pretty far back with this footage being back from close to Season 2 or 3, so pretty far back, but then goes to more recent. Reinhardt isn't one of those heroes that have gone through a lot of change. Don't get me wrong he has been nerfed in the past, but it didn't cause a ton of commotion like Hanzo losing his scattershot for example. I did a quick Google search just to remind myself of some of his nerfs, and I found it funny that one was titled, "Did you notice Rein's nerf" ... or something to that effect. It's just funny that he quietly gets changed with no commotion.

See you next week!


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