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Last night I decided to be stupid and go for the artifact of the massive.  I managed to make it to the artifact, even died once in the lava and managed to get all the way back to recover my body. Then I was stupid and decided to explore, and proceeded to die over 15 times trying to recover. I lost all of my ascendent gear, every single piece I've ever found, all armor and weapons. On my last attempt I brought a swarm of dimorphodons, all level 250+, they were all promptly eaten by the bats because they all acted like they were on passive.  I checked before I went in, had them all in a group, all on 'attack your target', they ignored all whistles except for 'move here', just pure uselessness.  I'm so beyond pissed it's not even funny.  I couldn't even recover my last body before it decayed.

Assuming I ever return, which is very doubtful, what should I put points into? I can't find a definitive guide for survivable builds. I had 500 HP, and had put the rest into mainly crafting, run speed, and a few others.  Should I have put everything into HP?  Does fortitude help at all?  Apparently at 101 I'm so weak in ascendent gear (armor was around 3500) that I can't do anything other than build.

Hate this damned game.

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That's really sad to hear :( I had something similar happen to me a little while back while trying to do the ice cave. Recently we have done an update that makes it so that you can use mindwipes as many times as you want which means that when you go into a cave, any points allocated to crafting are just wasted points. Before I go into a cave, I always mindwipe and put points into health, movements speed and stamina as well as fortitude and melee but those two depend on the cave. I don't know if you knew about the corpse finder (because I didn't when I lost all of my stuff for the first time) but if you use the corpse finder to find where your body would be above ground, stand directly over it and activate the corpse finder - all of your stuff from your body will be transferred into your inventory. I know that it can certainly be frustrating :( but as for the armour and weapons you lost, there is a donor package for only $5 that would get you a full set of ascendant gear that would hopefully replace part of what you lost (in fact a set of this donor gear if i'm not mistaken averages at about 6000 armor which would be a significant upgrade). I've never tried using a swarm of dimorphodons but have heard that it can work well (when it doesn't bug out on you of course). I've also seen that taking in high level raptors or terror birds is good but they can't access all caves. The good thing about the terror bird is that if you are riding one, it can double as a parachute which helps with certain caves. The main problem I find with caves isn't that I die with the armor on, it's when the armor breaks, because of this durability is everything and I will often go into caves with multiple sets of gear and swap them out when they start to get to breaking point. Medical brews are essential as well, they are easy to produce and I would always take a couple hundred into a cave with me, when I start to get overrun I just spam it on my hotbar out of panic lol. Hopefully some of the things I've suggested can help (if you didn't already know them :/ ).

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We do have the donor pack like mark said, but if you aren’t interested in doing that I have a ton of awesome blueprints that we can use with some crafting level to make you some really sweet gear if you guys can get the mats. Getting a high level sword would help a ton, and I think we have a decent np for that too. 

As for your question. Fortitude is kinda huge. It helps a ton with the elements, heat, water, torpidity when fighting things like troodon, a resistance to dino effects and dmg take. I personally keep 200 fortitude. Wouldn’t suggest anything lower than 150 for sure. 

For future, if you aren’t sure how to use the corpse finder or mindwipes let us know. We really don’t want to see you go :( 

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