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Breeding: Colours, Mutations and Stats

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Hey guys! So I've noticed a few people have been asking questions on both the forums and discord about breeding. When breeding, it's really important to know what you're doing right from the start or else you might accidentally ruin your bloodline and have to start again once you've learned the hard way. Because of this, here's a link to a video which is extremely informative and seems to come from a guy that really knows what he is talking about. To my knowledge all information in this video is up to date and accurate.



Also it is very useful, when breeding, to keep track of your dino's base stats and mutations. @Feisty already made a brilliant guide on this which you can find HERE.

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Thanks mark. The one things he said re:mutations that I didn’t like was he said to breed with as few males as possible. I don’t agree with this. If in all your eggs you can end up with three identical studs, or even 5 then you want to use them all until a new mutation is introduced making the new stud. This will reduce the time between breeding on your females and as well as prevent all of your rexes potentially looking 100% the same all the time which some people don’t want. If the stats and mutations all match then there’s no reason not to use he males until a new mutation is introduced.

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