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PVE Hive: When DO YOU want a wipe?

Please let us know what you as a player feel is suitable  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. When Should a PVE Hive be wiped?

    • NEVER
    • Around 6 months
    • Somewhere between 6 months to a year
    • at the VERY least a year, but maybe a little longer.

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First and foremost,  WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO WIPE (sorry if i caused a panic with the title). I have been with the ARK section for almost a year now, and I have seen us overcome so much as a section and we are growing so much, and this is fantastic! We have wiped the servers twice in the last year, the first time we wiped was with the official release of ARK in August, we decided that this was a good a time as ever to start out fresh.  Shortly after this, I took over running the section myself and started to notice a few things that didn't really work, and this spurred our second wipe in January, we played with some new XP rates and changed up our mod list, and adjusted our max dino level to compensate with the release of aberration, the reaction to these changes was overwhelmingly positive so we brought those changes over to the rest of the hive with the wipe. 

The reason I want to bring this up, is because I cant always know what everyone wants, and as much as I would love to please EVERYONE, I cant always. So here is my question to you folks. When is the appropriate amount of time to wipe a PVE hive in your opinion?  There has to be a point where everyone has hit their peak and has everything that they want and can achieve, at that point should we wipe? This question is especially important for those of you who are integrated into the ADK community, this is your forever home and it should forever feel like home right? 

So please respond to the poll, dont let others influence your answer, and feel free to leave a comment about why you feel that way. Again, I'm not asking this because we want to wipe or anything, I just want to know if/when you guys do. 

Thanks for being awesome guys!

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I can't speak for specifically Ark since this is the first Ark server I have played on. But for other games I have played that work on a similar map system, wipes are usually performed when the population of the server is consistently lower than usual. This is because wiping the server not only means that it's a fresh start for those that already had (as you said) 'hit their peak', but also draws new players that may be looking for a fresh wipe server to start up on. Therefore, it is my opinion that a server wipe isn't something that should be scheduled but rather something that is more 'played be ear'. That being said, I do feel as though if I played on the same server for over a year things would probably become pretty stagnant since this is a pve server and so I have voted on somewhere between 6 months to a year.

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To be very honest with you I would like to never wipe our servers... I know that this is not an option but I would like to never do it.
The only way I would be 100% OK with a server wipe is if I get my dino donations re-applied. I've spent a lot of money on these server packs and I would hate to see them all just disappear.
So if we DO wipe all of the servers I would like to keep my two Rex's, Quetzles, Giga's, Yuti's, Basilisk, Rock Elemental, and Giant Crab. The mini stuff would be nice to have back as well, I've bought a lot of resource packs, gear packs and paint packs but I understand that those probably won't happen.

If we absolutely DO have to wipe I'd say once a year, that's adequate time for everyone to get their ARK thirst quenched and boss battle to TEK gear.

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I'd like to echo most of the same thoughts already posted.  Ideally, I'd prefer to never wipe, as all the time spent building is wasted. Like Faith said, if donations were reapplied (and I would extend this to everything, paint jobs, resource packs, etc.) and a selection of critters were respawned (I'd hate to spend a year breeding and see all of that effort wasted), that would perhaps ease some of the pain. I also think this should be a case-by-case basis; if a major DLC comes out that radically changes things to the point where we really need to wipe, then we wipe. I don't like the idea of planning regular wipes or anything like that, such a thing would have a chilling effect on everything. Why would I build something elaborate or even try breeding for stats if a wipe is coming, even if it's 9 months down the road? 

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I agree. I was thinking we could maybe even have a meeting with all the ark people to decide if a wipe is necessary, like maybe when the next dlc comes out

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