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Unicorn Spawns

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Hey there guys, 

Just wanted to let you guys in on some info regarding unicorn spawns and our servers. 

Previously our last developer had added the code to allow multiple tamed unicorns to all our servers. We figured that wildcard had maybe broken the command or something and never really looked at it again. I did a little more research on this recently and found out that the multiple tamed unicorn command is a Ragnarok only command so it would only work on ragnarok. It was also listed in the wrong place in our server files, so this will be corrected in the next restart of ragnarok, I set the spawn interval pretty high, a unicorn will have 1 chance to spawn every 3 to 6 hours, and then wont try again for another 3-6 should the spawn point it picks be overpopulated or the like.

Basically what this means for the REST of the servers is that should you tame a unicorn on a non rag server, no other unicorns will be able to spawn. Should you transfer that unicorn off the server, another one will have a chance to spawn. To allow other players to also be able to get unicorns, IF you have a base on rag, you should take your unicorn there if possible, otherwise its no big deal, this is just something that we all can do to keep unicorns spawning on other maps.


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