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Hero Guide: Brigitte

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Brigitte is a versatile support hero who specializes in providing armor to allies. Unlike other supports, she is a front-line unit who provides protection similar to tanks rather than staying on the backline. The large healing aura generated by Inspire makes her most useful when her team stays together. Despite her strength in close combat, she has little to no means of harming the enemy at range. If hacked, she has almost no means of helping her team at all.


Weapons & Abilities

  • Inspire (Passive): Brigitte's passive ability. Whenever she damages an enemy with Rocket Flail or Whip Shot, the healing aura will be created around her which heal allies over time. Every attack will refresh the passive.
    • The ability has a short cooldown before it regenerates again.
    • While the healing aura is very large, it has the weakest healing in number in general. Because the nature of the ability requires her to attack the enemy, this can sometimes be inconsistent when there is no enemy to attack.
    • Keep as a group with your teammates as the healing won't go through walls and centers around Brigitte.
  • Rocket Flail: Brigitte's primary weapon. Her primary fire is a melee attack with the flail. The attack is extended forward and can hit multiple enemies, although it deals low damage in contrast to fast attack speed.
    • Much like Reinhardt's, the attack replaces her melee attack.
    • Unlike Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer, Rocket Flail doesn't create any knockback to the enemy. It is best used in terms of an offensive tool rather than defensive tool, especially combining with Shield Bash since she can rush to the enemy and combo them with the flail.
    • To keep her healing aura consistently generating, position yourself in the close-quarters to the enemy and protect yourself with barrier. Whenever you get a chance, attack them with it to create the aura. Note that you don't have to continuously damage the enemy since Inspire has its own cooldown and doesn't stack.
  • Repair Pack: When activated, Brigitte will throw a repair pack toward the targeted ally. When it contacts the target, it will heal a large amount of health immediately. If the healing reaches the target maximum threshold, it will apply the armor instead. The armor gained from Repair Pack will be depleted after 5 seconds or until fully damaged.
    • This has a medium cooldown, so it is best to use it on half to critical health allies, as if used wrong it could cause important allies to be eliminated.
    • Since the armor will disappear after 5 seconds, avoid using it to randomly give armor on allies like Torbjorn's Armor Pack.
    • Using this ability when Inspire isn't active is recommended due to its large maximum range.
  • Whip Shot: When activated, Brigitte will throw her flail a long distance, dealing a decent amount of damage and knocking an enemy away. Her movement speed will be heavily decreased during the cast time.
    • While it is a bit hard, this ability is useful to do an environmental kill when the enemy is standing around a cliff.
    • Whip Shot creates a strong knockback compared to Shield Bash. You can increase the knockback from Shield Bash by activating Whip Shot immediately and sending them off of a cliff or the objective.
    • This ability also activates Inspire. This is useful as a kite tool to heal her teammate as it has long range and short cooldown to compensate it.
    • Try not to use it on open area, as her reduced movement speed will make herself easy to be headshot by the enemy.
    • Her Rocket Flail has a very long second half animation, you can easily cancel this into a Whip Shot to increase your DPS.
    • She is most vulnerable while using Whip Shot as it cannot be cancelled with her shield. The animation duration varies depending on the distance at which the Whip Shot makes contact (if at all).
  • Barrier Shield: When activated, Brigitte will deploy a frontal energy barrier to absorb any incoming damage. The barrier is only a size of herself and can receive a limited amount of damage. Her movement speed will be slightly decreased when holding a shield. When not in use, the shield will begin regenerate its health until it is redeployed. When broken, the shield can't be used for a short duration.
    • Due to its small size, it is best to be used as a personal barrier or use it to protect a key teammate such as Mercy beginning Resurrect.
    • Switch between primary fire and barrier mode more frequently when you are closing the gap with an enemy as you can lure them to unleash a strong attack which the barrier can absorb.
    • Much like Reinhardt's barrier, her Barrier Shield is extremely useful when playing mind games with strong enemy ultimates such as Reinhardt's Earth Shatter or McCree's Deadeye.
  • Shield Bash: Only available while holding the barrier. When activated while holding the barrier, Brigitte will dash forward and stun an enemy away from herself. She will receive a short burst of movement increased during the cast time and has a slight delay after it contacts the target before it undeploys the shield.
    • Much like other stun effects, this is extremely useful to stop ultimates like Reaper's Death Blossom and to some extent Reinhardt's Earth Shatter. Because of how quick it is, it is a good ability to stop a cast-time ultimate.
    • Since this ability is available when the barrier is deployed, avoid wasting this ability.
    • It is one of the safest abilities in the game, given how the barrier is still deployed while moving forward to stun the enemy.
    • In conjunction with Rocket Flail and Whip Shot, you can deal a large amount of damage before knocking the enemy away. Note that contacting an enemy with Shield Bash will have a slight delay before you can undeploy.
  • Rally (Ultimate): Brigitte's ultimate ability. When activated, she will generate an aura which slowly gives herself and teammates around her armor. The armor will be increased over time until reaching its cap or until destroyed. Unlike Repair Pack, the armor gained from the ultimate won't be depleted by time until it is damaged by the enemy. Only Brigitte moves faster while the ultimate is active.
    • Her ultimate gives 300 armor over its duration, but is capped at 150 total over their health. This means if you use it out of combat to just generate armor for your team, you’re effectively only getting half of its potential compared to having it running during combat.
    • The speed boost Brigitte gains is very useful for her to get important melee hits in and to stun key targets.
    • Unlike Zenyatta's Transcendence and Lucio's Sound Barrier, her ultimate is more proactive, as it's often better to use it a little bit ahead of a big fight so it has some time to stack up a little bit.


General Strategies

  • Brigitte is a great addition to a team, but should not be a solo healer or even paired with Lucio. Brigitte is a great substitute for Zenyatta.
  • Inspire is her main source of healing, so go after low health enemies.
  • Her Rocket Flail is a great weapon to attack many enemies. Whip Shot is useful for knocking enemies off a cliff, or keeping them off a choke point.
  • Whip shot is quick, but still requires Brigitte to lead her shot carefully.
  • Be careful when using Whip Shot, as the time it takes to detract can leave her vulnerable. The speed decrease can make her an easy target for snipers.
  • Her Barrier Shield is a good defense for protecting herself of low health enemies, and can block some ultimates entirely.
  • Shield Bash can be a great stun on enemy Ults, and combined with a melee and whip shot can do massive damage quickly before knocking them away.
  • With a quick reaction time, Shield Bash can save teammates who are hooked, flashbanged, and frozen by enemies.
  • Brigitte should always help the other healer especially when being harassed by flankers. In addition, use your shield to cover Mercy while she is resurrecting a teammate.
  • Rally can be a push tool or a protection tool. Her Repair Pack is a great way to heal allies, but be wary of its cooldown.
  • Brigitte can be a decent counter to Genji, her shield bash being one of the few ways to interrupt his deflect.
  • Try to avoid Sombra, as her abilities are almost entirely her source of usefulness.
  • Keep in mind in order to damage Reinhardt, you'd have to get in range of his hammer, which does more DPS than your weapon. Try to knock him off cliffs or avoid him if you can.
  • While she is labeled as a support hero, Brigitte is somewhat of a Tank/Support hybrid. She has the highest amount of total health points (50 armor/200 HP), and her Barrier Shield can be a useful damage blocker.
  • There are three main threats to Brigitte: Turrets such as Symmetra's Sentry Turrets, snipers (as she has a larger hit-box than other supports), and Tanks. Be wary of these when playing, as they can easily take her out.
  • Along with Reinhardt, Brigitte can do damage from her Rocket Flail to enemies around her. PC and Console (granted, they're using a high sensitivity) players can quickly move around while her attack animation is playing.


(info from overwatch.gamepedia.com)

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