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A Note About Admin Friendly Tribe Governance

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Hey guys, 

Just a small note from your friendly neighborhood admins, as this has happened a few times now and the ability for us to solve these issues is becoming increasingly difficult.

The way players choose to govern their tribes can basically block admins from easily being able to assist you in the ways that we do. An example of this is when someone got DC'd today while trying to create a tribe (They were a solo player with a base build already). Their game crashed and their dinosaurs and structures did not move into their tribe due to the crash. 

The tribe governance was set with dinosaurs and structures being "PLAYER OWNED" This isn't really an issue for dinosaurs as we can recover them for you all the same. For structures however I would STRONGLY advise AGAINST setting your structures to be player owned. If for some reason you ever have a problem similar to this (happens more often then players think when merging tribes) and some of your structures are lost, admins cant really claim them without making them personally ours, when we leave your tribe and the structures all come with us again. At this point the only real way for us to fix this is to pick up and replace the structures, and if you're more established at this point admins wont be able to help you.

We wont tell you how to run your tribes, and you can do what you like to govern your tribe, just keep this in mind should you ever need our help! 

Hope this helps,

Feisty and the ARK Team!



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