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I really Think they need to focus on correcting the issues then coming out with new gear. Please don't get me wrong I think its great they keep adding new features but we really need the games fixed. Today a youtube was released and show the same glitches that were suppose to fixed 5 patches. You just go another way to make it work. When will the pistol glitch end ?

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Hey Dusty, sorry wasn't keeping tabs on this thread... 

Hey to answer your question, I sure know how frustrating that is...  Just how I know is... also frustrating.  


I have and do often help two mainstream Dev groups with (very closed, and even secret) beta testing, user technical support, as well as some official forum responsibilities and brainstorm/feedback groups for game concepts, mechanics, and design.  These are for released, announced, and unannounced triple A titles, in well known IP series. 


Let me just say that to answer your question, it really is several answers to several questions.  You did not ask some of them because you may not be aware of those aspects of the process.  I have been, occasionally very much 'in the cockpit' (which, that was literally the name used for the online command HQ chat at live release for one that went... VERY BADLY).  


1)Most studios made up of more than two or three people (and sometimes even then) have a separation of duties and knowledge/skill, because, like-construction, you don't want your cement guys doing carpentry.  Sure, the carpentry guys may be behind, but that doesn't mean, if you are working on an entire housing development that the cement guys shouldn't go out and lay the next 14 foundations and driveways. 


You want to do that, because who knows when the cement guys will be able to come back if you let them go, AND every time you do that, they have to come back out and set back up and there is time wasting training a new crew, catching up on changes and lessons learned... and so forth... assuming you GET them back when you want to lay the second foundation/driveway without then holding up the CARPENTRY guys...  Or get them back AT ALL... Some horror stories there if you really want to know about spot specialty shortages. 


So you use who you have, while you are paying them until you KNOW you won't need them any more... Hopefully. But... ALSO:


2)Every time you introduce new concepts and new objects/behaviors/subroutines into an engine or code, you have the potential for un-looked-for problems. While there are now very convoluted means for going through QA control windows to prevent these from getting concatenated (where then you have more than one foul up at the same time vastly multiplying the work of solving the new problems), there are still time consuming, and sometimes even STILL unlooked-for problems despite everyone's best efforts...

NO matter what, complicated codes, and especially new codes and new things under the sun, make this much more likely and much more likely to take a long time every time you need to introduce new concepts, and subroutines.  


3)Tarkov, in its present state in industry parlance, is really not a 'Beta' where all major key concepts and most subroutines are in, but an 'Alpha' where major concepts and many subroutines remain to be introduced (and some FFS are still undergoing changes additions, subtractions).  


Every new object, every new subroutine, and especially every new -entire concept- adds to the QA process and the potential for problems and recurrence of problems.  Every time a new major concept is added, like say the homebase, or the actual 'escape part' or any of the new things that will require meshing with all the pre-existing code blocks, it will massively increase the potential and probability of causing bugs, conflicts, and conundrums... Some of them will reopen previously fixed problems again (either the same way as before, or a different way than before).


Until we get most of at least the MAJOR concepts in and MOST of the subroutines that even Joe Public like me know about (like some very different weapons systems and communications suites, player specialization designations and... so on ad infinitum), fixing code issues (other than game breakers) has to be second fiddle,  or even NO fiddle, because picking up the dropcloth and cleaning up paint I got on the floor from painting the wall makes no sense if I still have to paint the ceiling, molding and doors... 


Once the game is really in Beta, tweaking, balancing, and major code fixes make more sense, and are more likely to actually be 'finally fixed'.  While some netcode can be worked on, even now, that is still limited or prone to reversion or being problematic because the game is SO FAR from being anywhere in the neighborhood of Beta.


I am not saying the developers are flawless either: entirely without mistakes - yeah, I don't know too many groups of any kind like that, and least of all developers... but even those with ENDLESS resources, hundreds of Devs, and HUGE wads of money all upfront like the groups I work with (they are both owned partially or wholly by their publisher, so they can't point fingers at each other, because it is a circular firing squad) have the same problems.  I can think of two or three stupid, just stupidly annoying recurring errors that happen either in gameplay or in the technical way that updates take place, or the way that files change data storage location to recurringly trigger the stone-age 'data protection error', or the way pathing or memory management works... Endless.  It is endless, and I have had to and still do trouble shoot these all the F'ing damned time for one series in particular where I can trace back some errors that still occur NOW, to 2006.


12 years dude.  HUNDREDS of Devs.  Money out the WAZOO.  Finished product and hit after hit , and - wha--- THAT problem AGAIN??


So... You asked the question about a limited group of relatively new devs with no publisher that I am aware of, and money they find on the potato farm. They  have been fortunate to find what they have, and maybe Uncle Putin gives them some on the side to farm our PCs for zombie work, but I won't complain until I see that the main concepts are at least all in place.  These other things they are adding need to be added so the gamebreaking stuff can be handled to keep some revenue and trials running... and the cement guys can't pound nails, the cement has to be poured anyway, and it makes sense to get as much in as you can now while you are waiting on the other stuff so you can at least remove the gamebreaking stuff from IT...


PS, if I sound bitter, and this looks like a novel about bitching... Sorry!  You hit the funny bone!  :salty::jason::)   LMAO  ~Dim


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