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Free Easter painting when you purchase a dino!

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Hello survivors!
Nightcore here to bring you this special announcement for this Easter event!

We're running a special right now on purchased dino's!
Since it's Easter we decided to have a little fun! How you may ask? SIMPLE!
Whenever you purchase a dino (of either size) we'll paint your dino Easter themed colors...FOR FREE!!!

~Good deal!~          ~Clearance!~          ~SALE!~          ~Break open your piggy banks!~

This painting is an admin command paint job so it won't wash off!

~Wow!~          ~So cool!~          ~Amazing!~          ~Beautiful!~

The paint will also breed into your babies WITHOUT ADDING TO YOUR MUTATION! 

~ZOMG!~          ~UNBELIEVABLE!~          ~ZOUNDS!~          ~BREEDING MACHINE!~

*DISCLAIMER* The colors are randomly chosen by the admin at the time of accepting the FREE Easter themed paint job.
If you do not want a
please tell your local Admin at the time of spawning.                                  
                 HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT A FREE PAINT JOB?!?!                                                                                       
                               COME ON IN TODAY! I'M AVAILABLE!                                                                                                  


Edited by Nightcore_Gamer

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