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Twitch Subs and Gifts

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I wanted to put together a quick post about Sub to our Twitch Account along with gifts that can be purchased while someone is streaming a game that a certain portion goes back to ADK.


So most of you know that you can Sub to a channel for a set price, normally $4.99 and $9.99 a month, but some of you might not know that you can also Sub to a channel once a month using your Amazon Prime account link to your twitch account.  If you have Amazon Prime and connect it to your Twitch account you will get an option while watching the stream (located at the top) that will give you the ability to Sub to the channel through Prime and it will not cost you anything.  Like mentioned above this can be done 1 (once) a month.  So please if you have Amazon Prime and a Twitch account come support ADK and Sub our Channel.  



The second is that you have the ability to purchase items related to the game, and sometime the game it self, while watching a stream.  this is located just below the stream.   As shown on this picture you can see that while the stream in broadcasting H1Z1 you have the ability to purchase items for the game.


Most games have something that you can purchase.  When purchasing through this you will also be supporting ADK due to a certain portion of the revenue from purchases goes back to ADK.  


I hope that this is helpful, hope to see more of you on our Stream.  Please check out our Stream Calendar for times when we will be streaming


If you are interested in Streaming for ADK please come see me.  


Thank you. 

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