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Transferring items from Scorched Earth to The Island

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I bought Scorched Earth the other day and transferred over to take a look. Played around for a few hours and then tried to transfer back to The Island, but on transfer I was met with an error message telling me that certain items were not allowed. It didn't specify which items, and after several trips back and forth from the obelisk to my hut and back, I was finally able to transfer back to The Island but only with my original items.  So what items can we transfer between servers?  I was hoping to use those fire arrows and other weapons introduced with Scorched Earth.

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You cannot transfer element, which I doubt you had... tribute items or artifacts. Tribute items consist of things like basilisk blubber spino sails argent talons vertebrae and giga hearts. There’s about 15 different kinds of those, artifacts are called stuff like artifact of the devoured or artifact of the sky lord and so on. I hope that helps.

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You can transfer artifacts.  We took all of our artifacts from the Island and brought them to Rag to decorate.  Its just element and apex items


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