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Server update to 278.73 and Aberration fixes

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We have discovered a couple bugs with our stack mod on aberration. With this update we are also implementing a fix which allows the stacked version of elementium ore to be used to craft element in the charge stations. Keep your eyes on the forums for more information about this bug and other things you may need to do differently.


Current Version: 278.73
- Fixed bug that prevented tribe renaming
- Separated C4 into their own structure limit category with a limit of 150 per 50m
- Plugged various holes used to undermesh in The Center, The Island, and Aberration (server side only for now)
- Fixed Therizino and Moschops cloning exploit
- Plant Z healing effectiveness reduced to 0.5% HP per second for players and 0.33% HP per second for Dinos (with a cap of 80)

- Remove unsupported dinos from Official Aberration servers
- Prevents crossark transfers of "foreign" dino eggs (if prevented by server config) going forward

- Disabled placement of structures when recently stuck in geometry (addresses known undermesh exploits)
- Fix climbing off of a ladder into geometry (including barriers) temporarily (addresses known undermesh exploits)
- Prevented closing glider for a brief period after opening (prevents accidental closure when spamming to open)
- Lower glider cooldown to 3s

- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get through the map/mesh
- Fixed issue where a second instance of certain boss fights could be started while someone was already inside
- Rework extinction mode save nuking to kill subfolders as well
- Increased plant projectile damage by 2.5x
- Projectiles do 3x damage to durability of chest pieces while a glider is attached
- Added logic to translate damage from player to their glider
- Added 10s cooldown between glides
- Lowered glide speed by 40%

- UI optimization

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