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Stream Deck - anyone use it?

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Interested in seeing if any one uses the stream deck and find out what your thoughts are on it. Don't have the money right now for it, but have thought about getting it. 


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The only case I've worked with the Elgato was an older one that I replaced at one of the auction houses I work with.  But I built a whole new video system for them, replacing 2 older DVR's feeding into 2 laptops with a 4 camera HD DVR system, with a custom capture server that combines 2 cameras into a single feed via ffmpeg.  For most people that's probably overkill.

More then likely the deck you're looking at will be on par with the Razer Ripsaw, or the Startech USB 3 HDMI capture decks.  But I cannot say that for sure, as I haven't worked with it directly.

Looks like it'll work with OBS, I've not been pleased with the streaming software that comes with most devices, they're either too limited, settings too locked down, or will not work with a custom re-streaming server.  But I don't stream to twitch or youtube, I have my own RTSP and RTMP server via NGINX, so this could all be moot for you.

Here is their devices docs in regards to OBS:

The Razer and Startech devices work pretty well with OBS, Razer has the extra bloat of synapse, but has the added bonus of a audio line in port, allowing for "easier" voice and sound controls.  That being said, OBS doesn't have any issues doing that with "duct tape" solutions.  You can easily manage audio volume, quality, and controls of multiple sources, both from HDMI and flat audio.

If the ease of use buttons on the Elgato are your reason for interest, OBS streaming is pretty simple, set it and forget it kind of settings.



Not sure I have the right info you're looking for but, for what it's worth, I hope that helps at least a little.

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Yeah I use OBS and have no issues with it overall. . it's just the ease of use for switching to different scenes and such as it's a pain when I have to alt tab just to turn off the cam or mic for a quick second. 

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That makes sense, my case use is to use OBS as the soul application, nothing else running on the machine.  That being said, I'm looking at replacing the machine and OBS with this.

I started up a Dev session with them, if they can replace RTMP 100% for me, and keep the latency at 2 seconds or less, then it's a definite definite.  Our guys in the field will need only hook up the camera, check the connection / video stream with their phones, and finish getting everything else ready for the sale.  Man I like that idea...

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