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Tracking your breeding in ARK

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Hey everyone! 

To help people prepare for boss fights, just a short blurb about tracking your dinos for breeding. It's super important to keep track of breeding to help you decide which dinosaurs will help you further your blood line and which will be useless to breed into stats wise. 

Here is an example of a chart that you can use to track your dinosaurs. 

  Level Health Stamina Oxygen Food Weight Melee Mutations
Alpha 317 4672.9 1534 825 7783.2 391.7 463.4 2
Bravo 316 4672.9 1534 825 7617.6 391.7 436.4 2
Charlie 309 4276.9 1534 660 7948.8 391.7 463.4 2
Delta 306 4276.9 1534 645 7783.2 391.7 463.4 2
Echo 306 4276.9 1534 645 7783.2 391.7 463.4 4
Foxtrot 305 4672.9 1534 645 7783.2 391.7 463.4 4
Golf 304 3801.7 1534 855 7783.2 391.7 463.4 4
Hotel 303 4118.5 1534 855 6955.2 375.4 463.4 1
India 304 3801.7 1534 855 7783.2 391.7 463.4 3
Juliet 291 2476.9 1534 645 6955.2 391.7 463.4 4
Kilo 278 4276.9 1326 645 6955.2 391.7 428.8 3
Lima 278 4276.9 1092 750 6955.2 391.7 463.4 2
Mike 254 3801.7 1378 510 7783.2 350.9 ? 4
November 242 4276.9 1534 510 7783.2 293.8 463.4 2
Oscar 222 2772.1 806 435 7783.2 391.7 373.4 2
Papa 299 3168.1 1560 750 8276.4 329.8 352.5 0
Quebec 299 3036.1 1586 690 7724.7 295.8 369.8 0
Romeo 289 2508.1 1144 840 7172.9 295.8 369.8 0

  • Males are blue
  • Females are pink
  • the highest stats are highlighted in red.
  • all of the stats listed are POST tame, and PRE imprint stats. (baby is born immediately record stats, dino is tamed immediately record stats)

An example of what we would do with this information would be to try and put all of the best stats into one dinosaur. For the purposes of these dinos, which are dire wolves, we would want to have a combination of melee, health, and stamina. 

Because Quebec has the best stamina we would want to breed her with a wolf that has high melee and health, which in this case would be alpha, who has the highest melee health and weight from our chart. We know that all of our wolves mutations are color mutations right now, so we are not tracking what they are, but based off of comparing the parents stats with the new baby we can see if we are receiving a stat mutation instead of a color mutation and we would record this in the mutations column as well as putting a (1) in the column the mutation is in... it would look like this...

Romeo 289 2508.1(1) 1144 840 7172.9 295.8 369.8 1

While we are doing this we are also out taming new high level wolves to see if we can tame a wolf that can provide more of our core stats that a current one.

All of this is important information, because it is going to be a requirement for players to breed to attend the harder level boss fights in order to succeed. Players will have to have the best rex, or yutti or daeodon that they can, and it will need to be tracked. Players who wish to attend will need to start tracking their dinosaurs and make good breeding choices to participate. One of the requirements of entry will be to share your breeding sheets with the staff so that we can be sure that everyone is doing the best they can to contribute to this incredibly difficult fight, if we are filling one of our 20 slots with an early generation rex, or one that is not refined with stats then we will not be successful unfortunately. 

The bright side of this is that our staff are here to help you with this! Above i have provided you with all the information you need to make your own chart. You can use https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/ which is a free online excel service that requires only an email to log in. If you are not sure which ones you should be breeding, or need help with this process in any way please ask a staff!


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Remember, you can love your dinos, just don't love your dinos...


Seriously though, thanks for the info.  I'm still trying to level (just hit 79 last night) so I haven't really even started breeding yet.  Any suggestions on what my first raiding dino should be?  It kinda sounds like I should get started sooner rather than later.

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Well for the normal bosses we really only take 3 dinosaurs. Rexes, yutyranus and daeodons, but only like 2 yutti and 1 daeodon, so most people should be focusing on killer rexes. You want high health and melee.


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